AMD Telecom - One-Stop-Shop SMS HUB Solutions for MNOs, MVNOs & SMS Aggregators Guarantee Future Growth

By Amd Telecom, PRNE
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THESSALONIKI, Greece, February 2, 2011 - AMD Telecom, rapidly growing mobile messaging services specialist, is one
of the few operators worldwide, which is certified by GSMA as a SMS hub
provider, being able to provide high quality SMS/mms messaging services to
mobile operators (MNOs / MVNOs), SMS Aggregators and large enterprises
globally, covering directly more than 850 networks in more than 200 countries

Maintaining branches in USA, UK, France, Germany and Greece and serving
more than 25.000 customers and over 3.5 billion mobile subscribers worldwide,
AMD Telecom has achieved to give to any corporation unlimited transaction and
global interconnection all over the world, being one of the leading providers
of interconnectivity and interoperability worldwide.

Being a certified by GSMA Open Connectivity (O/C) Solution Provider, AMD
Telecom addresses directly to MNOs, MVNOs and SMS Aggregators and guarantees:

    -- Global Coverage (more than 850 networks, more than 200 countries)
    -- 100% Mobile Network Portability Support
    -- Message Delivery at 15.000 SMS/sec
    -- 2ways communication
    -- SMS Tracking & Reporting Extranet for statistics & real time SMS
       tracking per day, per network, per month, per country, phone number
       range, account balance, transaction history, etc
    -- Intelligent routing (and route-back) & billing capabilities, through
       AMD Telecom's advanced patented mechanisms
    -- Fully Innovative SMS message Retry Pattern
    -- Intelligent Fraud detection and anti-spam filtering technologies
    -- Bulk SMS filtering services
    -- Interconnection and full support of all standard and advanced
       messaging protocols (SS7, SMPP, HTTP API, SS7/IP, VPN, etc)
    -- Redundancy gateway contingency protocol
    -- Easy & quick implementation & service activation
    -- 24/7/365 support of all stages of our cooperation

AMD Telecom's SMS/mms messaging services enable mobile operators and SMS
aggregators to extend their coverage globally, increase their SMS traffic and
achieve significant revenues, while they increase client satisfaction and
business efficiency worldwide.

    Our Services                         Our Products
    ------------                         ------------

    A. SMS SERVICES                      A. SERVERS
       - SMS Hub (SS7) solution             - Web2SMS server
       - Smpp connectivity                  - Smsc server
       - Http api service                   - Smpp proxy server
       - HLR lookup services                - Bluetooth hotspots server

                                            - Mobile banking
    C. AUDIOTEX MARKETING TOOL              - Mobile ticketing
                                            - Mobile parking
                                            - Mobile order

This year, AMD Telecom exhibits at Mobile World Congress 2011, in
Barcelona, 14-17 February 2011.

You're always welcome to visit our Stand 2E07, in Hall 2, in order to
discover new business opportunities and give you solutions, based on your own

AMD Telecom, through MWC - the must-attend annual gathering of the mobile
industry- plans to forward its already leading position in mobile market
worldwide, showcasing high quality SMS/mms messaging services worldwide,
generating new business leads and cultivating not only the existing client's
business relationships, but the potential ones too.

You can schedule a meeting with us through:

Happy to meet you all there!

UNITED STATES: sales at, +1-646-395-1156; UNITED KINGDOM: uksales at, +44-2033557911; FRANCE: frsales at, +33-170619739; GREECE: grsales at, +30-2394020336; GERMANY: desales at, +49-17696941851

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