CNPV Announces Inauguration of First Largest Utility Scale 7MW Solar Power Project in Shandong Province

By Cnpv Solar Power Sa, PRNE
Sunday, January 9, 2011

LUXEMBOURG and DONGYING, China, January 10, 2011 - CNPV Solar Power SA, a public limited liability company organized
under the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and a leading integrated
manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products, today announced the recent
inauguration and hand-over of the first largest utility scale 7MW solar power
project in the Shandong Province.


The inauguration on the 29th of December 2010 was presided over
by Mr. Li Jinkun, Deputy Mayor of Dongying City. Alongside him were other
senior provincial and city government officials who have also provided
support from the point of conception. Upon handing over the solar power
project to the Chinese nation he enthused, "This project has a striking
impact for our Country; not only will we reap the environmental benefits, but
also the commercial advantages. Our support for future projects is assured,
as we develop and promote green energy for our nation and region. I applaud
our collective efforts on this positive progress."

As part of the National Golden Sun Demonstration Project, the
project was designed, developed and implemented by CNPV to fully demonstrate
the real life capability of solar power generation. Utilising CNPV high
power, high efficiency Premium modules that the Company produces, the 7MW
rating significantly exceeds the trial projects previously installed as proof
of concept.

This project, with an estimated investment of $25 million, is
particularly suited to promote Shandong Province and the City of Dongying as
leaders at the forefront of green energy production, as well as to promote
the specific benefits of solar PV power generation. The solar power project's
electricity is enough for 8,000 homes and is produced without the 8,000
tonnes per year of carbon dioxide released or 4,000 tonnes per year of coal
consumption that accompanies a traditional, coal-fired generator's equivalent

Mr. Zhang Shunfu CEO & Mr. B. Veerraju Chaudary COO, CTO & Member
of the Board of CNPV jointly said, "Our success in developing and exhibiting
this technology is a major milestone on the road of national solar
photovoltaic power acceptance. CNPV is very pleased and honoured to play a
leading role in the development of the first largest utility scale on-grid
7MW solar PV power plant in Shandong Province, which represents a major
milestone in the development of China's renewable energy industry. We applaud
the decisive steps taken by China's central government and local government
to support sustainable energy development and establish a greener economy in
China. With closer cooperation between strategic energy investors, power
developers and solution providers, we are confident that solar energy will
become increasingly cost effective and achieve grid parity in many locations
over the next few years. We are supremely grateful to our strong internal
team and the outstanding unswerving support from leading government
officials. Together we have demonstrated that our City can play a principal
role in the world's green energy transformation and are subsequently now
actively exploring our next and bigger venture."

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