Oxfam Boosts Performance With Expand Networks Acceleration

By Expand Networks, PRNE
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ROSELAND, New Jersey, June 1, 2011 -

- Integrated WAN Optimisation Technology Enables Reliable and Stable
Connectivity for Charity Staff and Volunteers

Expand Networks www.expand.com, the leader in optimising WANs for
branch office consolidation and virtualisation, today announced Oxfam
Australia, the humanitarian charity, has deployed Expand Networks
Accelerators across its international network of offices. The solution is
assuring the performance of the charity's network, connectivity and
applications in support of staff activity between its Australian and overseas
operations. The implementation follows the successful international
deployment of Expand's WAN Optimization technology at Oxfam GB.

Oxfam Australia utilises a robust fully managed Wide Area Network (WAN)
within its Australian based operations, while its overseas operations
covering sites in 11 countries, use VPN to connect into the WAN. Working to
provide aid, development and relief programmes throughout the Pacific, South
, South East Asia and areas of Southern Africa, connectivity is
unreliable and expensive in many of the charity's locations.

Grant Holton-Picard, Technical Infrastructure Manager at Oxfam Australia,
comments, "Poor connectivity presented us with an obvious IT performance
challenge. In particular, in-country staff access critical services such as
Intranet, VoIP and web collaboration tools from head office. Limited by our
bandwidth provisions, slow delivery of applications began to impact our
staff's ability to work efficiently.

'In addition, system communications such as Active Directory
synchronization was also a challenge, while the IT team in Melbourne struggle
to provide remote support to field based systems or remote end users."

A business case was drawn up to address these performance issues, and the
charity looked to advanced WAN optimization to relieve the network problems.
Comparing a number of products, Expand Networks' was chosen as the preferred
candidate based on its capability to combine traffic acceleration and file
sharing services.

"Expand's ability to monitor, optimize, and control interactive RDP
sessions and apply QoS techniques to protect VoIP also helped the product
standout during evaluation. We immediately set up a trial between our head
office an overseas site with poor connectivity, and we found Expand provided
the acceleration to support our users' connectivity needs," continues

Oxfam Australia took the opportunity to deploy Expand Accelerators
alongside the implementation of a wider infrastructure upgrade throughout its
primary overseas sites. Users will benefits from a migratory approach to
Expands capabilities; acceleration, traffic optimization and finally, Wide
Area File Services (WAFS).

Oxfam Australia has successfully completed the first stage of the Expand
project, deployed across 12 locations for acceleration, and now has a stable
deployment in place already delivering results.

"Although we're only at stage one of the Expand project, we have already
experienced positive improvements around providing remote support and the
responsiveness of RDP sessions," says Holton-Picard. "We also have far better
visibility into the traffic being utilised over the WAN links. With this
information available, we will now be able to start fine-tuning QoS policies
to provide improved prioritisation of traffic."

Traffic optimisation based on analysis of in-country sites, and the
implementation of WAFS will follow in the next six months.

Contact: Andrew Parker/Jennifer Manning, Cohesive Communications, +44(0)1291626200, expand at cohesive.uk.com

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