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  • Nisha_L All films engage on either a visual/mental/emotional level. Some, on 2 at most. Few can do all 3 at once to near perfection--> Inception
  • wikkawiku Weeets update yaa ka maaari hahaRT @deliyani: despicable me, eclipse, inception RT @wikkawiku: Film apa yang (cont) https://tl.gd/2hb6cp
  • shuetyie Inception wid a bunch of retards.
  • pleasedontstare Oh yeah saw Predators last nite, probably the best action movie I saw all summer. Can't wait for Inception tommorow.
  • athattack INCEPTION WAS EFFING GOOD !!!!!!!!!!
  • marawaranara My brain hurts from all the thinking. I need a kick #Inception
  • mohdismail Inception - genius!
  • louloumains What's Cinema City like for viewing Thinking of Inception but want to see it in best conditions...
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