Petach tikva

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, August 30, 2011 - Israeli companyLextran, inovator inthe cleantech technology fieldof removing pollutants and toxics from flue gas emissions;signeda second contractin Chinaduring a period ofseveralmonths,for the treatment ofgas emissionof a coal-fired flue gases of a steel factory inChina.

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, November 10, 2010 - Oversi, the global leader in Internet Video and P2P caching solutions, announced today that it has deployed a 100 Gbps Net Cache Out system in True Internet, Thailand's leading Internet Service Provider and one of the fastest growing providers in Asia.

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, April 26, 2010 - Oversi, the global leader in high-performance Internet video and P2P caching solutions, announced today that T-Com, Montenegro's leading ISP, has selected Oversi's video cache platform to save on international bandwidth costs and deliver the highest quality video performance to its subscribers.

PETACH TIKVA, Israel, and MOCHAU, Germany - - WAM In-line Process Metrology Tool Improves Efficiency and Productivity With Process Optimization and Control for the TF PV Manufacturing Process BrightView Systems has announced the successful integration and validation of its WAM (Wide Area Metrology) process metrology and mapping solution for thin-film PV manufacturers at Signet Solar's production line in Mochau, Germany.
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