CARDIFF, October 27, 2011 - Admiral has revealed that Britain is a nation of irate motorists with nearly three quarters admitting they get angry with other motorists when they're behind the wheel, according to a new study into road rage.

CARDIFF, September 29, 2011 - Britain's most annoying driving behaviours have been revealed in a new poll, and it's the dangerous practice of tailgating that gets British drivers most hot under the collar.

CARDIFF, Wales, June 28, 2011 - has revealed that while many men like to think they are the superior gender when it comes to driving, new research from the car insurance specialist shows men have bigger crashes that cost more money than women.

CARDIFF, Wales, June 3, 2011 - Admiral has found motorists using their cars less and ignoring problems with their cars due to motoring costs.

CARDIFF, Wales, May 16, 2011 - Admiral research has shown there are a staggering 405,000 rear-end bumps in the UK each year*, accounting for one in four of all road accidents.
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