elephant.co.uk Reveals Young Men Have More Expensive Car Crashes

By Admiral, PRNE
Monday, June 27, 2011

CARDIFF, Wales, June 28, 2011 -

elephant.co.uk has revealed that while many men like to think
they are the superior gender when it comes to driving, new research
from the car insurance specialist shows men have bigger crashes
that cost more money than women.

elephant.co.uk looked at more than 200,000 claims and found
young men in particular have more expensive crashes. Accidents
involving men aged under 25 cost on average 15% more than those
involving women of the same age. In fact, the cost of accidents
involving male drivers of all ages is 6% higher than accidents
involving women.

To help improve the driving ability of both men and women,
elephant.co.uk has joined forces with Fifth Gear’s Tim Shaw and
made three short films which can help any motorist learn how to
drive like a professional and control their car should they get
into trouble.  

The insurance
videos contain tips and advice from a professional driver and
reveal how to manage a car if it begins to skid, how to corner
safely and why vision is so important when it comes to reacting
quickly and braking in a safe manner.

elephant.co.uk managing director, Brian Martin, said: “Since
passing our driving tests most of us might have picked up some bad
habits and probably don’t give too much thought to improving our
driving skills. But driving well can mean more than just keeping
out of trouble on the roads.

“At a time when most of us are trying to save money, as well as
demonstrating how best to control your car, our films also reveal
how smooth and efficient driving can help your car perform at its
peak and be more cost efficient.”

About elephant.co.uk:

elephant.co.uk was launched in August 2000 and has over 485,000
customers. elephant.co.uk is a trading name of EUI Limited and is
part of the Admiral Group plc.

elephant.co.uk specialises in providing href="www.elephant.co.uk/">online car insurance on the
Internet. elephant.co.uk targets 17-35 year-olds living in cities,
who traditionally pay higher premiums for href="www.elephant.co.uk/">car insurance. elephant.co.uk
is proud to support Tusk throughout 2011.

elephant.co.uk writes its href="www.elephant.co.uk/">motor insurance business to a
consortium of insurers, these being: Admiral Insurance Company Ltd,
Admiral Insurance (Gibraltar) Limited and Great Lakes Reinsurance
(UK) plc.

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