Ponte Estrategia

SAO PAULO, November 8, 2011 - - Unprecedented study conducted by the marketing consultancyheaded byAndre Torretta, specializing in the new Brazilian middle class, outlines prospects and trends to serve as a strategic guide for companies to the Brazil of the next ten years What does the future hold for Brazil, the country that has established itself as the world's seventh largest economy, ahead of such countries as the United Kingdom and France in purchasing power parity? What opportunities will the 2014 World Cup create for national and foreign companies? What regions will form the new Brazilian economic poles of growth? What will be the behavior of women consumers ten years from now? What do young people who are going to be adults in 2021 wish for? All of these and other future scenarios can be found in the first Relatorio de Futurismo [Report on the Future] with a focus on the Brazilian consumer, released by the marketing consultancy A Ponte Estrategia, headed by Andre Torretta.
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