A Ponte Estrategia Releases First Report on the Future with a Focus on the Brazilian Consumer

By Ponte Estrategia, PRNE
Monday, November 7, 2011

SAO PAULO, November 8, 2011 -

- Unprecedented study conducted by the marketing consultancy headed by Andre Torretta, specializing in the new Brazilian middle class, outlines prospects and trends to serve as a strategic guide for companies to the Brazil of the next ten years

What does the future hold for Brazil, the country that has established itself as the world’s seventh largest economy, ahead of such countries as the United Kingdom and France in purchasing power parity? What opportunities will the 2014 World Cup create for national and foreign companies?  What regions will form the new Brazilian economic poles of growth? What will be the behavior of women consumers ten years from now? What do young people who are going to be adults in 2021 wish for? All of these and other future scenarios can be found in the first Relatorio de Futurismo [Report on the Future] with a focus on the Brazilian consumer, released by the marketing consultancy A Ponte Estrategia, headed by Andre Torretta.

The Relatorio de Futurismo 2014 - 2021, because it was produced in Brazil, accurately portrays the reality of the country and forecasts future scenarios based on a profound analysis of the pending forces that have an impact on decisions today to guide the planning of companies for the Brazil of the next ten years. “We all know that organizations need to plan their goals and achievements at least three years in advance.  With this in mind, the idea is to provide a broad study of the forces that will leverage change in our country, starting in 2014, when we will host the World Cup, a major world event that will have an impact not only on the host cities, but on all of Brazil,” Torretta observes.

The study makes socio-economic projections and brings together the opinions of 25 Brazilian creators of trends from a wide variety of areas, such as Michel Klein (Casas Bahia), Oscar Metsavaht (Osklen), Joao Doria Jr. (Lide), Constantino de Oliveira Jr. (CEO of GOL), Hermann Ponte e Silva (Vice President of EMBRAER), Joao Cox (former President of Claro) and Gloria Kalil (journalist and fashion consultant), among others. To conclude the study, adolescents between the ages of 14 to 16, young executives, trendsetters, women and blacks from all social classes were also consulted. On the basis of a survey of the forces that drive and restrict the growth of Brazil and that also determine its identity as outlined in this report, companies will better be able to understand the context of which they are a part, as well as the Brazilian they will have to relate to in the decade ahead. “Brazilians hardly ever think of the future.  Which is easy to understand, since just a little while ago we were the country of hyperinflation, instability and surprises. Now this scenario is changing. We do not have hyperinflation and we can now get ready for this world in motion,” explains Andre Torretta, founding partner of Ponte Estrategia. “In the United States and Europe it is very common to produce reports on the future in all areas. Here we have various reports for the fields of finance, petroleum, agriculture and energy, but a report thinking about Brazil and Brazilians, not yet,” he concludes.

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