Agile-1 Named 2011 Top Performer in VMS/MSP and Overall in VMS

By Agile-1, PRNE
Monday, December 12, 2011

TORRANCE, California, December 13, 2011 -

- 2nd consecutive year of Top Performer ranking by SIA

Agile-1, a premiere provider of workforce procurement and management solutions, leads the rankings by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) as a Top Performer in VMS, MSP and Overall VMS categories in the 2011 VMS/MSP Competitive Landscape-Customer Experience and Service Differentiators report.  ”Based on our survey, for the second consecutive year, Agile-1 was the only workforce solutions provider to receive a Top Performer honor in both the VMS/MSP designations,” said Bryan Pena, vice president of contingent workforce strategies and research at SIA.

The poll based on the Net Promoter Score methodology asked the question, “How likely is it that you would recommend this VMS/MSP company to a friend or colleague?” to more than 44,000 temporary staffing providers and buyers who work with both MSP and VMS companies. With several thousand respondents, the VMS/MSP Competitive Landscape - Customer Experience and Provider Culture report is consider one of the most exhaustive studies of how buyers and staffing firms feel about the MSP/VMS partners. Only companies that scored in the top 25th percentile were considered “top ranked” by SIA.

Agile-1 was one of only three firms recognized for Top Performer Overall honors. “Our provider list included over 75 VMS and MSP companies from all over the globe,” said Pena. “In order to be considered for the ‘Top Performer Overall’ list, vendors had to score in the top quartile for both staffing providers and buyers. Agile-1 is part of this exclusive list.”

“Agile-1’s ongoing commitment to our clients is providing solutions that address their current and future business objectives. The SIA rankings are tangible proof of our client’s support and I would like to thank them for recognizing Agile-1 as a true partner in providing total workforce solutions,” said Agile-1 President Peter Carvalho.

About Agile-1

Built on experience working with Fortune 1000 clients and committed relationships with highly respected, global workforce partners, Agile-1 is a proven leader in talent procurement, supplier management, workforce consulting and recruitment process outsourcing solutions. Agile-1 service and software solutions streamline talent procurement and management processes; reduce employment liability and support business goals. By empowering people to spend more time focusing on their core competencies, Agile-1 maximizes the value that each new-hire brings to an organization.

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