Caxton FX Voted Holidaymakers Favourite in new Which? Travel Report

By Caxton Fx, PRNE
Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LONDON, July 13, 2011 -

Caxton FX number
one choice in foreign exchange league table

Foreign currency experts href="">Caxton FX receive top marks
from consumers in Which? Magazine’s latest foreign currency

Caxton FX went head to head against big named brands such as
M&S Money, the Post Office and Travelex and were voted the
number one foreign currency outlet by its customers.

Which? compared Caxton FX with 7,850 forex retailers. The
online-only brand secured a whopping 89% rating from its customers
- the highest score in the market and 18% above average. Rated on
their exchange rate, customers service experience, convenience of
service and ease of collection - Caxton FX came out top of the

James Hickman, MD of Caxton FX said:
“To get this industry recognition is a fantastic achievement and is
something we are very proud of and one of course delighted to

“We work very hard to keep our rates competitive and customers
happy. However we won’t be resting on our laurels after being
awarded this accolade. News like this just helps us to strive
higher and keep improving. We are continually reviewing our
products and facilities to ensure we offer our customers the best
possible service.”

Consumers Top 5 Foreign Exchange Outlets

                 Exchange   Customer              Ease of            Customer
      Company      rate     service  Convenience collection Location  score
     Caxton FX     ****      *****      *****      *****      n/a      89%
    Sainsbury's    ****      *****      *****      *****     *****     80%
        Ice        ****      *****      *****      *****      n/a      79%
     M&S Money     ****      *****      ****       *****      ****     78%
       Tesco       ****       ****      *****      *****      ****     78%

Star scores are based on to five stars (the more the better).
Customer score is based on overall satisfaction and the likelihood
to recommend. All rates collected on 6
May 2011. Rates are those listed on the websites of the
companies. Higher rates may incur if purchased face to face or over
the telephone

Exchange rates

Converting £500 into Euros

Thomas Exchange €533.50
Caxton FX €553.00
ICE €551.75
American Express €548.95
Travelex €548.25

Converting £500 into US dollars

Thomas Exchange $805.00
ICE $803.55
Caxton FX $803.25
American Express $800.65
Tesco $799.55
*Rates correct on 6th May 2011


Which? Conducted the survey in January 2011 via an online
panel of 5644 Which? Members who travelled abroad in the past two
On the 06/05/11 Which? Collected exchange rates for euros
and US dollars from the websites of all companies.

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