Cryo Workstation Breaks World Records

By Cryo Performance Computing Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, March 13, 2011

BUCKINGHAM, England, March 14, 2011 - Herald the arrival of a new age in Workstation performance: the Cryo
Octane EDP-WS. This dual processing behemoth has 12 physical cores, 24
threads, up to 48GB of memory at 1600MHz+ and a colossal core speed of
4.50GHz+ (35% faster than the stock Intel CPU). All of this, lovingly cooled
by a custom designed high-flow water cooling system carefully built into a
beautifully crafted aluminium chassis. The most important ingredient is
applied finally in the form of the unique Cryo Boost(TM) Triple Overclock
performance-enhancing process and technology.

The Cryo team have form when it comes to breaking benchmark world records
but 'SPEC CPU2006(R)' is the mother of all benchmarks. It executes a barrage
of tests that last numerous hours, simulating real world tasks such as AI
game theory, bioinformatics, compilers, data compression, fluid dynamics,
physics, speech recognition, video processing and weather prediction. Usually
the preserve of 'Blue Chip' deep-pocketed vendors like IBM, HP, Cray, SGI and
Sun, it would prove a true David vs Goliath contest. Cryo were confident that
agility and smart thinking could out-manoeuvre the dollars and might of
computing industry giants.

A new record speed for a dual CPU workstation:

SPEC CPU2006 results (peak / base, dual CPU SMP workstations)*

    System Under Test               CINT2006   CFP2006 speed CINT2006 rate
                                                   (Floating      (Integer
                                   (Integer)          Point)         peak)
    Cryo Octane EDP-WS X5680     54.7 / 51.4     73.2 / 69.3           504

    New Speed Record
    Previous record              48.8 / 45.7     54.6 / 51.5           447
                       Nearest 'mainstream' vendors
    HP ProLiant DL380 G7 (Xeon   44.8 / 42.8        No score           418
    SGI Altix ICE 8400EX (Xeon   44.0 / 41.9        No score           406
    Dell PowerEdge R610 (Xeon    43.4 / 40.2     49.3 / 45.7           299
    IBM System x3500 M3 (Xeon    43.4 / 40.1     48.1 / 45.5           299

Full specifications, benchmark results detail, photographs, pricing and
warranty details can be found on the Cryo web site here:

About Cryo

Cryo is the leading Custom Computer designer and builder in the UK and of
the world. The company specialises in high performance compute related
hardware technology, projects and solutions including workstations, servers,
storage servers, laptops and desktops. Cryo achieves standards of excellence
through having an experienced team of leading professionals, access to unique
electronics and cooling technologies.

*SPEC(R) and the benchmark name SPEC CPU2006(R) are registered trademarks
of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation. Competitive benchmark
results stated above reflect results published on as of March
. The comparisons presented above are based on the best performing
workstations and servers currently listed in the appropriate results tables.
For the latest SPEC CPU2006(R) benchmark results, visit

    Contact: Alan Johnson
    Cryo Performance Computing Ltd


Contact: Alan Johnson, Cryo Performance Computing Ltd, +44(0)1442-219-278

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