Ernest Jones Announces the Launch of Tolkowsky Diamond Jewellery

By Ernest Jones, PRNE
Sunday, March 27, 2011

BOREHAMWOOD, England, March 28, 2011 - Ernest Jones has announced the launch of the Tolkowsky diamond jewellery
collection. In launching this prestigious brand, Ernest Jones is offering
consumers the opportunity to buy high quality, prestige jewellery with
history and pedigree, on the high street.

To celebrate this launch with Tolkowsky
(, Ernest
Jones will be offering three of the most valuable jewellery items it has ever
sold - The Tolkowsky Tumbling Suite. This consists of the White Gold
Tolkowsky Tumbling Tiara totalling 8.51ct Diamond, White Gold Tolkowsky
Tumbling Necklace totalling 19.15ct Diamond, White Gold Tolkowsky Tumbling
Earrings totalling 4.45ct Diamond. These spectacular items of jewellery will
only be available for a limited time, and allow consumers to see some of the
finest pieces of jewellery available anywhere today.

As one of the world's leading diamantaires, Tolkowsky has been perfecting
the finest diamonds for 200 hundred years and is renowned in the diamond
industry for inventing the Ideal Cut diamond. Each Tolkowsky diamond is hand
crafted to offer the customer the very finest quality. If a diamond is cut
too deeply or too shallow, then light will escape and the diamond loses its
brilliance, fire and sparkle. To prevent this, Marcel Tolkowsky, grandfather
of the current CEO, set out to define the ideal proportion of a diamond's cut
to maximise brilliance and dispersion of light. The result was the Ideal Cut
which is a perfectly symmetrical round brilliant cut diamond designed to
offer excellent return of light.

To further guarantee the quality of its jewellery, each Tolkowsky diamond
is certified by a leading independent diamond grading laboratory and has a
GemEx Light Performance Certificate as proof of the diamond's superior light

When buying a diamond ring
consumers need to be aware of the 4Cs
and the Tolkowsky collection scores highly on these fundamental diamond
purchasing considerations.

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The 4Cs are: cut, colour, clarity and carat. The cut refers to the
arrangements of facets and symmetry of the diamond. It is the cut which
unlocks the beauty and brilliance of a diamond, and the only factor
influenced by man. Tolkowsky's Ideal Cut is internationally recognized as the
benchmark for the finest cut diamonds in the world. Diamond colour is how
white a diamond is and Tolkowsky diamonds
are available in colourless and near colourless, which are among the rarest.

Furthermore, the clarity of a diamond is a measure of how many inclusions
the stone has, and Tolkowsky only use stones certified by leading independent
gemological laboratories, who view the diamond under magnification to
establish that aspect and guarantee that quality with an internationally
recognised certificate.

The carat weight of a diamond is the fourth factor in defining its value
and is considered by most consumers to be the most influential factor when
consumers make their final purchasing decision. The Tolkowsky collection
offers solitaire diamonds (
from third carat to a whole carat.

The Tolkowsky collection at Ernest Jones offers consumers the opportunity
to buy some of the world's finest jewellery on their local high street.

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