Interflora Encouraged by Advocate General's Findings

By Interflora, PRNE
Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LONDON, March 24, 2011 - On Thursday, 24 March, the Advocate General handed down his
Opinion on the question put to the Court of Justice of the European Union as
to whether Marks & Spencer ("M&S") should be allowed to use the "Interflora"
trade mark as an internet search engine keyword to advertise M&S flowers.

Interflora asked the European Court to answer the question:

Where a trade mark owner such as Interflora has invested
considerably in its trade mark, and consumers rely on that trade mark to
guide their purchasing behaviour, should a competitor such as Marks & Spencer
be entitled to trade off and make money from using Interflora's trade marks
at the expense of Interflora?

Interflora is very encouraged by the Advocate General's
findings which, if followed by the Court of Justice of European Union, will
strengthen consumer protection. Such a ruling will enable brand holders
across Europe to deliver quality service and ensure that trade marks
guarantee the origin of the goods bought by consumers online.

However, Interflora acknowledges that this is only an opinion
and eagerly awaits the final judgment of the Court of Justice on the
questions put to it.

Michael Barringer, Interflora's marketing director, said that
"together with our network of 1800 independent florists, we have spent a lot
of time and money over the last 80 years building the reputation of the
Interflora brand. We are known as "the flower experts" and our brand stands
for quality and service. Our customers trust us to deliver flowers at the
most important times of their lives. We are very proud of the Interflora
brand and want to protect it for our customers, florists and the future."

Notes to Editors:

The Flower Experts

Over 100 years ago the idea for Interflora started in America, where two
florists began telegraphing flower orders to one another from either side of
the country. They were frustrated by sending flowers via train, as gifts took
a number of days to reach their intended recipient - often arriving looking
somewhat tired. The idea quickly spread with many more florists joining the
network - from there, Interflora was born and then established here in the UK
& Ireland in 1923.

Today, Interflora has a network of over 1,800 member florists across the
UK and Ireland and is part of a large international network of floral
retailers that enables Interflora to market consumer products for delivery in
more than 150 countries. The business utilizes the highly-recognised
Interflora brand and is supported by the Mercury Man logo which is displayed
in over 40,000 floral shops worldwide.

Omnibus research (Omnibus Survey January 2011) shows that Interflora
remains the UK's most recognized and trusted flower delivery service.

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