Install Cycle Shelters in Schools this Half Term to Encourage Pupils to Stay Healthy

By Park Street Furnishing, PRNE
Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MANCHESTER, UK, October 6, 2011 -

Encouraging pupils to be healthier can be difficult. The school curriculum is limited in the amount of available time for PE and other physical exercise, many children are keener on staying indoors during break time and there is of course the problem of unhealthy diets as pupils shun healthy snacks for crisps and chocolate!

A great way of promoting a healthier lifestyle for young people is to install cycle shelters at school premises.  Many children travel to school on the bus or are brought in by their parents in the car, and, if they live close enough to the school and could cycle in, it could make a real difference to their health.

The NHS recommends that young people aged between 5-18 years old should do 60 minutes of physical activity each day, so a journey to school and back each day can ensure that they get enough exercise.

Cycling has major health benefits. As a low-impact activity, it causes less strain on joints but will help you stay healthy. Children who cycle to school have also been found to have more confidence and have improved concentration, so it will benefit their overall well-being, not just their fitness level.

Parents could also be encouraged to cycle with their children to school and on to work, so installing bike shelters at your school may not only benefit your pupils, but could encourage whole families to stay fit and reduce dependence on car travel to help the environment.

The half-term break is the ideal time to install cycle shelters, school canopies or any other outdoor improvements to a school building. As the pupils are away it will cause minimal disruption and it ensures that no building work takes place during the colder winter months.

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