Swegon: New Air Conditioning Solutions and Increased Sales

By Swegon Ab, PRNE
Sunday, March 27, 2011

Presence at the Major Spring Exhibitions - ISH in Frankfurt and Climatizacion in Madrid - Swegon Presented Increased Sales and a New, Powerful air Conditioning Solution

GOTHENBURG, March 28, 2011 - Swegon has come through the global economic crisis unscathed and posted a
small profit for 2010. "The 2010 revenues show growth from 2080 million kr
(EUR 233.1 million) in 2009 to 2153 million kr (EUR 241.3 million) in 2010
and we were able to grow our market share in many countries," summarised
Orjan Ahlgren, CFO of Swegon AB, at the ISH Aircontec exhibition in
Frankfurt. He added: "It is particularly pleasing for us that Swegon recorded
significant growth in established markets. For example, sales in Germany and
France each grew by around 30% in 2010."

Large orders such as the new head office of the Spanish bank BBVA in
Madrid and the Waterfront project in Stockholm have contributed to the good
results. "We have ambitious goals and 2011 is an important milestone," stated
Ahlgren. "Following the purchase of the Blue Box Group last October, we are
now expanding our product range to include refrigeration equipment and heat
pumps." One area of focus for the Swedish company is the U.S. market, where
the company was first active with a major project in Boston in 2008 and is
now expanding its sales network significantly.

However, the Swedes want to continue to grow through innovation, even in
Swegon's traditional product areas.

Thus, at the spring exhibitions, Climatizacion in Madrid and ISH
Aircontec in Frankfurt, Swegon presented PACIFIC, its latest generation of
active climate beams for suspended ceilings.

"We are known as a leader in water-based air conditioning systems. Our
best seller, the four side comfort module PARASOL, has revolutionised the
market since its launch in 2005," commented Jonas Akesson, product manager
for water-based air conditioning systems at Swegon. "PACIFIC is a traditional
dual climate beam that boasts innovative technology: Due to intensive
research and development, we have achieved an extremely high performance for
both cooling and heating, comprehensive flexibility and exceptional interior
comfort. As a modular unit, the PACIFIC sets new standards in the dual
climate beam product range," added Akesson.

The company has great expectations for its continued development in the
water-based product range and expect high sales figures, particularly in
southern Europe and the United States.

"The Swegon PACIFIC range should be successful in the U.S., where climate
beam technology is currently experiencing an enormous breakthrough. Another
focus for PACIFIC is southern Europe, where increased performance is
required," said Akesson. He added: "Furthermore, we are also sure that
central European and Scandinavian markets will be interested in the
performance offered by PACIFIC."

More information about PACIFIC and Swegon is available at

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