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Thursday, November 3, 2011

BRISTOL, England, November 4, 2011 -

GDS International’s Mentor System for new hires has proven very successful for the company because, says GDS HR Director Tudor Williams: ‘we keep the rules simple’.

New starters play a massive part in the future success of every company - they are the next generation of managers, directors and more. In an uncertain jobs market, global business events company GDS International ( believes that working harder for its new recruits offers a clear business advantage.

“New staff want to do well quickly,” says GDS International’s HR Director, Tudor Williams. “They want to feel part of your company’s success. Our mentor system is intended to give them the best start possible, and to ensure that they feel supported and encouraged.”

The GDS Mentor System has reduced attrition rates in those critical first six months, and increased scores across all trainee key performance indicator charts.

“We have deliberately kept the mentor system simple and structured. That is what people want and need when they are learning a new company,” says Williams. “An effective way to make our new starters feel integrated and for them to share challenges and successes with more experienced staff.”

This is what two GDS mentees have to say about their experiences.

Ben Yun, GDS Sydney: I’ve been at GDS just a few months now and the mentor system has played an integral part in equipping me with not only insightful tips for my role, but more importantly helped me build my confidence and self-belief as I began my career at GDS.

As I’ve gone through my learning curve, the support and encouragement of my mentor has been invaluable!

Marie Serano, GDS Bristol: The one-to-one meetings I have with Will Troughton (mentor) are excellent. They are an opportunity for me to ask him questions regarding the role and gain insight and a view into his approach.

Whilst I find my manager helpful and a real wealth of knowledge, I always like to hear another person’s perspective and how they would handle the same problem.

Will had lots of really useful tips regarding my style, methodology, attitude and motivation, and I enjoyed having access to one of the most experienced people in the company.

For me having a mentor was a valuable resource. Sometimes you don’t want to impinge on other people’s time, so having a structured approach with a dedicated person whom you know is there to help and guide you is an effective way for new starters to learn more about their role, which can enable them to be more successful.

See Ben, Marie and their mentors here:

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