Which Offshore: QROPS Provide Pension Solutions for Expat Brits

By Which Offshore, PRNE
Thursday, June 16, 2011

LONDON, June 17, 2011 -

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Which Offshore, a free information resource for English speaking
people living abroad, is encouraging British expatriates to
consider QROPS when planning their retirement.

Which Offshore wants UK expats to be aware of a fantastic
pension transfer that enables them to maximise the value of their
pension- the href="www.whichoffshore.com/offshore-retirement-planning/qrops-and-pension-transfers">
QROPS (Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme).

One of the most useful online resources for Brit expatriates no
matter where they are located in the world, Which Offshore supplies
news, views, information and advice for people thinking about
becoming expatriates, or who have already done so.

The life of an expatriate is always busy, moving to a new
country means sorting out new finances, helping family settle-in
and keeping up to date with the latest relevant news.

Which Offshore has a
huge section of informative articles covering the whole range of
expat interest- global city guides, explanation of financial
topics, daily news and features-style blog posts.

One of the most important aspects of an expat’s life is
retirement planning. Sensible retirement planning is the only way
you can ensure a comfortable retirement and financial security for
yourself and your loved ones. UK pension holders who are retiring
abroad have an excellent option in the shape of the QROPS.

Fully approved by HMRC, a
QROPS transfer allows expats to move their existing UK pension into
an offshore jurisdiction. A QROPS pension transfer also has many
benefits for its holder:

Taxes: A QROPS enables the holder to gain considerable tax
advantages. The main reason behind this is that the QROPS is not
based in the UK. QROPS are traditionally based in countries that
have low tax legislations, however the QROPS holder is not tied to
this country, you can reside anywhere in the world (except the UK)
and still keep the QROPS in its jurisdiction.

Currencies: With a QROPS you will have the option and the
ability to utilise different currencies. With a QROPS you are not
tied to sterling, and QROPS benefits are paid out in gross in the
chosen currency of the policy holder.

Investing: QROPS allow the holder a great deal of flexibility
with regards to investing in different financial products. As
opposed to with a UK pension, you will have the choice of a wide
range of commodities, stock markets and assets in which to invest
the money you have spent a lifetime amassing. UK pension holders
find that they are faced with considerable restrictions when it
comes to investing their own money.

These are just a few examples of how a QROPS can be beneficial
to UK expatriates. Find out more by visiting the href="www.whichoffshore.com/offshore-retirement-planning">Which
Offshore Pensions and Retirement Planningsection.

About Which Offshore:

Which Offshore is a free information resource for all English
speaking people living abroad.

Researched and written by a group of expatriates and
internationally minded people, we pride ourselves on delivering the
facts, information and advice required to make your life in a
foreign country a true success.

Whether you are a retiree seeking a quieter lifestyle, a younger
person taking on a new challenge or a family in search of a better
environment to raise children, Which Offshore is your first
resource for the valuable and independent information you need to


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