aql Ends Hull Telecoms Monopoly

By Aql, PRNE
Thursday, June 16, 2011

LEEDS, England, June 17, 2011 -

Wholesale telecommunications operator aql, have recently
completed a ‘porting agreement’ with Hull based operator Kingston

Until now, any subscriber with a Kingston-upon-Hull telephone
number must have their number tied to their fixed line
subscription. Now that the numbers can be ported into the
aql ‘cloud’, any Hull number can be moved away from the
existing network onto another fixed line service, or onto an IP
telephone service, or even onto a mobile handset - all for a few
pounds a month.

aql’s model is to supply capable, friendly, value added
resellers who can support the end customer. This means that
aql just need to concentrate on innovation and maintaining
the core network.

Paul Greaves, Sales Director of aql stated “We see the
Kingston porting agreement as likely to act as a catalyst to
competition in the Hull area and I’m sure we’ll see new specialist
operators cropping up. An example of such an operator is, who can merge your office and home numbers
onto one mobile device from £5 per month”.

Martin Lauer, Managing Director of The One Point had this to say
“This is a real game changer for Hull and gives Hull customers real
choice and flexibility, previously not universally available. We
expect a huge demand via resellers, telecoms companies for this
service aswell as end users direct.”
He continued “The partnership with aql continues to go from
strength to strength following on from the announcement of our MVNO
agreement (The One Network) and other product relationships.”

Notes to Editor :

About aql®

Any mention of aql should be used in lowercase letters as it is
a trademarked name and device. I have bolded all occurrences of
this trademark as a guideline.

About aql: aql, established in 1998, is a UK
based, regulated telecommunications operator. aql specialise in
providing secure, reliable wholesale access to the fixed and mobile
networks to government, enterprise and to innovators. The numbers
speak for themselves - aql is responsible for the voice services
and numbering on over 42 million numbers for over 20 UK ISP’s,
routes over 1 million SMS text messages per day and has enabled
over 40 UK MVNO (virtual mobile) brands. aql also own and operate a
significant national data network and secure datacentre sites
within the UK.

aql® is a registered trademark, device and trading style of (aq)

About theonepoint:

About theonepoint: The One Point offer our customers a
“whole in one” solution, giving them the benefits of one
single-source provider to manage their IT, Telecoms,
Business and Personal Mobiles and Digital
needs. We offer them greater savings and the
convenience of management in one place, in turn giving them greater

We work with any size business from sole traders to large
corporations. We are partners with all major communications and IT
suppliers so we can independently offer the best deals to our
customers, along with in-house specialist team of engineers and
account managers you can be confident that you will get the best
service at the most competitive price.


aql:Press contact: Dan Ray

theonepoint: Press Contact: Martin Lauer+44-(0)1482-420150


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