1,000,000 Euro XTB Cash Prize - With no Money Required!

By Xtb Uk Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LONDON, April 21, 2011 - Sound too good to be true? A major European competition cash
prize has been placed on the table for all Traders, ranging from beginner to
experienced, to test their trading skills by X-Trade Brokers DM SA, a
European online trading broker.

XTB is offering participants the chance to download their free
Contest Demo software, learn more about markets and trading, and also try
their hand at trading strategies with no risk or cost and potentially win
Euro 1 million through the 2011 European Trading Cup. Contestants can choose
to trade in Forex, Equity CFD DMA and/ or Options - any or all of the three.

It's completely free… contestants can trade with virtual
money… and have a chance to win 1,000,000 EURO or one of three Mercedes
luxury cars. The pan-European contest will run concurrently between 2 May
and 27 May 2011 and further information can be found at

Plus X-Trade Brokers supports the contestant learning process
via both webinar and face-to-face seminars to help new learners level the
playing field to succeed.

Alexander Orban, XTB UK Ltd's Managing Director mentioned that
"buying a lottery ticket costs GBP1 and likely has a 1 in 14 million chance
of success. Entering the XTB trading Cup costs nothing and, if no more than
500,000 traders participate, the chance of winning the Euro 1 million is 28
times greater than winning the lottery. Plus you learn about markets- why not

To ensure each contestant that the award calculations are
independently validated and verified, Europe's Top Trader in the XTB Trading
Cup 2011 will be selected in conjunction with one of the World's leading
accountancy firms.

Having now completed its European expansion, X-Trade Brokers
have recently established its UK subsidiary XTB UK LTD, authorised and
regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority, as its British Sales and
Marketing arm. With an experienced team in London headed by Alexander Orban,
the XTB UK team is looking forward to provide the personal support to help a
contestant win the extraordinary XTB Top Trader prize of 1 Million Euro.

Contestants can register via the website
www.tradingcup2011.xtb.co.uk/ for the XTB Trading Cup 2011 or
telephone the UK office on 0203 394 1700 to learn more.

Final registrations are on 23 May. Terms and Conditions apply
to the contest.


Media Contact, Alexander Orban, +44-(0)203-394-1705

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