Regional Energy Supply Challenges to be Addressed at Power Morocco

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

DUBAI, UAE, April 21, 2011 - Energy experts and government officials are to come together to explore
sector strategy and challenges in a bid to secure the future of energy
provision in the region.

Middle Eastern, North African and Mediterranean leaders from
power companies, multi-national developers and investors will all be
descending on Casablanca between 6 - 9 June to attend Power Morocco 2011
following international concern on the looming energy supply and demand

The event, which combines a two-day high-level conference with
two days of workshops, will address the challenges preventing further growth
in the development of power in the region. It will facilitate the forging of
new international partnerships that will aim to prevent a future energy
supply crisis.

The summit comes as the region begins to take significant
strides in upping power generation and distribution capabilities to combat
the predicted rise in energy demand; believed to be a result of a rapid rise
in population, increased industrial activity and dwindling supplies of
conventional forms of energy.

Sandra Hijnen, Divisional Director at IQPC for Energy and
Utilities said: "The Middle Eastern and North African countries are
recognizing the current shortfall in energy supply and they know they need to
act now to safeguard power provision for generations to come. They are seeing
the benefits that can come with being self-sufficient; knowing they can
secure the future of the economy and generate an additional revenue stream by
harnessing renewable energy and selling the power to countries dependent on
the dwindling reserves of traditional energy.

It is an exciting time for the power sector in the MENA
region. Countries such as Morocco are playing a pivotal role in shaping the
future trade of energy - history is being made."

It is estimated that Morocco, amongst other nations in the
region will face extreme difficulty in supplying the power needed by its
population if it does not act now. Regional figures released by MEED,
highlight a capacity shortfall if local power generation and transmission and
distribution is not dramatically enhanced and networks upgraded.

The report reveals that Morocco alone needs to increase its
capacity to provide an extra 9,000 MW by 2019 to meet its own future demand,
and Egypt requiring a shocking 19,000 MW to be able to meet demand
comfortably in eight years time.

Like many of its neighbors, Morocco has set clear energy
objectives to avoid a future energy crisis. With vast resources in solar and
wind, Morocco intends to increase its clean-tech capabilities to be able to
source 43% of its total power supply from renewable energy by 2020.

Strategy like the Moroccan Solar Plan has seen the launch of
plans to develop several large-scale CSP solar plants, including a US $9bn
project to construct a plant at Ouarzazate. Morocco has also announced its
intention to capitalise on its wind power resources with a number of wind
farm developments in the pipeline, including a US $320m wind farm in Tarfaya.

Power Morocco, which is being held in Casablanca between 6 - 9
June 2011
, will explore these projects in further detail and provide an
opportunity for industry stakeholders to meet, network, do business and share
industry best-practices.

This first edition of Power Morocco features informative
presentations and case-studies from high profile speakers, including;
Azzedine Khatami, Strategic Project Manager, Office National de
l'Electricite, Morocco (ONE); Dr. Abdelaziz Bennouna, Member, DESERTEC and
Former Coordinator, Renewable Energy Technologies and Economy Unit (TEER) at
the National Centre for Science and Technology (CNRST) Morocco; Mustapha
Enzili, Head of Resources & Engineering Department, Renewable Energy
Development Centre Morocco (CDER) and Silvia Pariente-David, Senior Energy
Specialist, World Bank, MENA.

Power Morocco is organised by IQPC as part of its Energy and
Utility series which hosts international summits in Europe, America and Asia
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