2nd Wealth Management & Family Offices Forum in Athens 17th of May 2011

By Financial-academy, PRNE
Thursday, May 5, 2011

ATHENS, Greece, May 6, 2011 - The forum www.wealth-management.gr will bring together
top minds and professionals within the wealth management and private banking
sector from Europe and USA to help wealthy investors to make the most of
their wealth management decisions.

It will provide a comprehensive networking platform for
businessmen, wealthy investors, professional investors and advisors. Also,
will deliver knowledge updates from leading industry professionals locally
and abroad.

Some questions participants will have the opportunity to ask
the panel is:

From the Wealth Management point of view:

- How high-net-worth families can find competent fund

- What are the criteria for managers' selection?

- Quantitative and Qualitative selection methods.

- What is the secret to select the "best" fund manager?

- What type of portfolio manager is best suited for a family

- How important are fees in selecting the portfolio managers?

- Is performance fee more effective than management fee or a
balance of them?

- How could wealthy investors monitor & evaluate their Private
Bankers' services?

- Do high net worth individuals get the right investment plan
and advice?

- Portfolio diversification approach using commodities

- Traditional, non-benchmark asset management

- The benefits of investing in Gold and Natural Resources

- Investing in emerging markets

- Have Wealth Investor's scope/strategies been
altered/adjusted in the difficulties and new opportunities for the new

- How should Private Bankers manage effectively high net worth
individuals' portfolios in the current risky environment?

- Evaluation of the current situation in Greece and
opportunities for wealthy investors.

From the Investment Outlook-Macro point of view:

- Global Market Outlook. Sentiment surveys and high-frequency
economic indicators over the last few months indicate that the global
economic recovery is gathering pace. But risks linger in the face of high
unemployment rates, elevated commodity & energy prices, persisting euro area
sovereign debt crisis.

- Who is going to finance the US Budget Deficit?

- What are the effects of the North African & Middle East up
rise as well as the Japanese earthquake aftermath on the global markets?

- Global rates & FX outlook. Increased inflation risks and
policy normalization by major central banks point to higher market & policy
rates in the period ahead.

- Recent policy initiatives and implications to address the
euro area sovereign debt crisis.

- Greece and its Stability Program. Overview of the Greek
economy. EU/IMF adjustment program, a baseline scenario and debt sensitivity

- New Europe: Country outlook for 2011 and beyond

- Can European Union overcome its own political deficiencies
and ultimately its fiscal turmoil?


Financial-Academy started its activities in June of 2010 to
provide training for professionals in the market from other reputable
professionals involved either in the Greek market or in the foreign arena.
The Goal is to create the appropriate field of training for quick
implementation and transfer of knowledge into practice.

Derivatives.gr began its operations in 2000. Among initiatives
were its investment community, the Digital Weekly Magazine with weekly market
analysis, which has been published in more than 250 issues, the organization
of 8 specialized and thematic conferences www.forumsbyderivatives.gr
and the www.tradeview.gr site providing trading ideas and signals to
the Greek investors on different asset classes.

Sponsors of the Conference

The conference will take place with the support of the
following sponsors:

- Platinum Sponsor: J.P.Morgan Asset Management

- Golden Sponsor: Piraeus Wealth Management, a joint venture
with BNP Paribas Wealth Management

- Silver Sponsor: San Francisco Sentry

- Official Partner: Association of Greek Investment Companies
and Mutual Fund Management Companies

- Official Sponsors: CEO Clubs Greece, Hellenic CFA Society

- Printed Media Sponsors: Kefalaio, ELNAVI,
Kathimerini-International Herald Tribune

- Online Sponsor: Capital.gr

- Online Supporters: Valuation and Research Specialists,
Tradeview.gr, Nautilia.gr, Maritimes.gr, EMEA Business Monitor

- Public Relations Sponsor: Action Global Communications

- Scientific Contributor: ALBA Graduate Business School

- TV Sponsor: Channel 9

For more information please visit www.wealth-management.gr or call
at +30-210-6846329

Media Contact: Panayiots Tzellos, ptzellos@financial-academy.eu,


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