AHEB Investment Group Launches New Business and Management Consulting Services

By Aheb Investment Group, PRNE
Monday, June 27, 2011

MANCHESTER, England, June 28, 2011 -


AHEB Investment
Group today announced the launch of further new services to add to
its business planning consulting launched back in February, as the
company continues to build on the success of its previous projects
and experience.

Financial consultant firm href="www.ahebgroup.com/">AHEB Investment Group is
pleased to announce its new business, management and financial
consulting services, now available to all clients with immediate
effect.  Already launched earlier this year were the services
for business plan development (using Basel II principles and
strategy), creation of financing plans and review of any existing
business or financing plans as well as budgeting and cash flow

Now that these new services are also in place, the company is
now able to assist companies in complete strategy and development
formulation and implementation, from large corporations seeking to
develop new services or enter new markets, to start ups needing
assistance through their strategic growth phases.

AHEB will also be providing assistance for marketing and sales
where required,  including key marketing and promotional tools
such as presentations as well as more in-depth financial consulting
support for which they are well known. As well as financial
management and planning services, AHEB Investment Group clients can
now also take advantage of the company’s wealth of experience and
expertise when it comes to their own cash flow, budgeting and
financial assessment of the business as this will now also be
offered as a service.

Speaking of the launch of the new services, which also include
management consulting,  Mr Charalambous, Director of AHEB
Investment Group says that the difference AHEB provides is in the
implementation. “Whilst there are many consulting firms available,
few have the same level of practical hands on experience that we
have in our team at AHEB, and as such the advice and support we can
provide is unique. We are also very privileged to have many clients
who we have helped through many of these processes and this gives
us incredible insights to share when we come across businesses in
similar situations.”

Some of the most popular services which are already being
enquired about are general business consultancy particularly with
regards to business strategy. Here AHEB provides strategic choices
which best suit your business strengths, and also provides
marketing support. Another highly sought facility is the planning
provided by AHEB for financial statements and cashflow for both
operational as well as financing purposes, providing an important
asset for budgeting purposes.  

There are also consulting services provided for start up
businesses, which often need a lot of guidance with regards to the
best strategy to implement for management, marketing and financing.
Other services are also available for businesses at different
stages of the growth cycle, where help is provided with strategy,
targets, analysis and development, in order to draw up realistic
and measurable objectives which the company can work towards.

Commenting on the successful start so far of the company with
its new business, Mr Charalambous, Director of AHEB Investment
Group is optimistic, despite entering a crowded market. “Where AHEB
will differ from other consulting services will be our partnership
approach, where we very much want to be involved in the
implementation of our advice and recommendations in order to ensure
best practices are adhered to and that our clients sees the best
possible results. This is not the typical consultant report model
where you do not hear back until it is time to evaluate the
results. We aim to do the hard work through the process and be part
of the winning formula with our clients.”

All those interested in learning more about the new business
consulting services offered are invited to contact href="www.ahebgroup.com/">AHEB Investment Group.

About AHEB Investment Group

AHEB Investment Group was founded in
2008 to provide professional support and consulting regarding
financing to businesses of large and medium size but also start up
enterprises. AHEB specializes in assisting the development of large
commercial and industrial projects by offering financing solutions
and advisory support. Successful projects include real estate
developments, construction including large hotels, energy based
projects covering power plants and oil rigs with other major
purchases of ships and aircraft.

For further information about AHEB Investment Group,
href="www.ahebgroup.com/">www.ahebgroup.com ,
href="mailto:info@ahebgroup.com">info@ahebgroup.com or call

Andreas Charalambous, Director ; email info at ahebgroup.com or call +1-347-4166069.

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