AHEB Investment Group Announces Exclusive Joint Venture With QuickSilver Project Management Ltd

By Aheb Investment Group, PRNE
Sunday, November 21, 2010

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, November 22, 2010 - AHEB Investment Group (www.ahebgroup.com/) is pleased to announce
its exclusive joint venture with UK based company Quicksilver Project
Management Ltd to offer bespoke project management services. The partnership
will involve Quicksilver assisting select clients of AHEB in all stages of
major projects, from initial pre-project planning and design, all the way
through to execution, monitoring and control.

Quicksilver Project Management is a UK based company which was
incorporated in 2004. QuickSilver's expert consultants have experience
managing and monitoring major multi-million euro projects in many key
sectors, which complements AHEB's experience in financing these types of
project. Some of these include works as diverse as bio-fuel installations,
waste facilities, major construction works such as airports, bridges,
railroad systems and road networks, as well as projects for conservation of
sites of historical importance and heritage.

The board of directors of the company includes members and fellows of
distinguished and respected institutions such as the Royal Institution of
Chartered Surveyors, The Royal Institute of British Architects, Chartered
accountants and members of the Institutes of Chemical, Mechanical and Civil
engineers. Many of them have also been senior managers of major international
firms such as KPMG, McCormicks, Bywaters and American Great Lakes Corp, so
they bring with them a wealth of experience in best practice management.

AHEB Investment Group clients will enjoy a diverse range of new services
under the joint venture, and in particular, highly demanding engineering and
development projects will benefit from expert assistance with first class
project management, commercial and consulting services. QuickSilver's main
role will be to mediate between AHEB Group and its clients and to assume
hands on monitoring, reporting and validation of project delivery, working
closely alongside any trusted local project consultants.

For any AHEB Group Investment client projects undertaken by QuickSilver
Project Management, the company will be involved in all aspects from the very
first stages of planning. A team of experts will review the pre-delivery
processes in place for the project, assess and recommend sponsorship options,
complete an in-depth review of project design and selection of key management
team members. They will also assess key environmental impacts of any major
projects, assume responsibility for licensing and permits and scope out the
projects in terms of resources and risk planning.

During the construction stages, the support offered includes operations
management and supervision to ensure that all engineering and mechanical as
well as financial objectives are met and ongoing progress is closely
monitored. Following completion, Quicksilver consultants will also compile
final snagging lists and ensure contracts are fulfilled and signed off by all
parties, providing peace of mind to investors and key stakeholders in these
major projects and ensuring delivery within project guidelines.

David Hamilton, from QuickSilver Project Management Ltd, says of the
venture: "We are delighted to partner with AHEB Investment Group in order to
assist its clients with some of the major projects they are undertaking and
we believe that with our help, not only will the key stakeholders of these
large undertakings enjoy better control of their resources but also improve
their ability to meet their project goals and objectives whilst working
within the constraints of their budgets, time and project scope."

Andreas Charalambous, Managing Director of AHEB Investment Group, is also
very pleased with the developments. "Partnering with a company of
Quicksilver's reputation, experience and expertise ensures that our clients'
projects are professionally executed and also monitored on an ongoing basis
with consulting and input throughout execution. For the investors which we
recruit for each major project, this is a key benefit and an added
reassurance that AHEB will enable them to meet their investment goals and
that the projects they are involved in will be carried out in the most
professional and viable manner possible."

Through trusted relationships with its extensive network of individual
and professional investors seeking ventures to fund, AHEB helps to provide
major projects with investors and to source potential providers of guarantees
or collateral required for loans.

AHEB's management team has also developed strong relationships with
several of the world's leading global financial institutions, and through its
experience setting up complicated financing solutions, has a thorough
understanding of the complex funding application and approval processes. As
such, AHEB is able to advise clients of how to best go about their loan
application, becoming instrumental in the negotiation process with the banks.
It also often assists its clients during the process by reducing the
perceived lending risk of the banks involved through collateral set up
through its partner network of investors.

The new partnership further enhances AHEB's commitment to providing solid
investment opportunities as the involvement of QuickSilver now offers an
additional level of security for investors and also assists project
stakeholders with successful execution and completion.

About AHEB Investment Group

AHEB Investment Group was founded in 2008 aiming to provide professional
support and consulting regarding financing to businesses of large and medium
size but also start up enterprises. AHEB specializes in assisting the
development of large commercial and industrial projects by offering financing
solutions and advisory support. Successful projects include real estate
developments, construction including large hotels, energy based projects
covering power plants and oil rigs with other major purchases of ships and
aircraft. AHEB's relationships with principal global and regional banking
institutions assist businesses in arrangement of collateral via its network
of investment partners.

For further information about AHEB Investment Group, visit www.ahebgroup.com , email info at ahebgroup.com or call +1-347-4166069.

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