Angry Birds and Lappset to Work Together

By Lappset, PRNE
Monday, December 12, 2011

ROVANIEMI, Finland, December 13, 2011 -

Rovio Entertainment Oy, one of the world’s leading mobile game developers, and playground equipment manufacturer Lappset Group Oy have agreed on worldwide collaboration to launch Angry Birds activity parks. Under the agreement with Rovio, Lappset will manufacture play and activity equipment and ready-made activity parks inspired by the Angry Birds characters. The world’s first Angry Birds activity parks will be built next year in Rovaniemi and Espoo in Finland. The City of Espoo has signed a letter of intent for five activity parks.

“The activity parks perfectly tie in with the Angry Birds world and our way of thinking,” says Rovio’s Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka.

“We will be developing a service which brings together the digital world and the physical world in a way that’s never been seen before.  The popularity of Angry Birds isn’t restricted to any age, sex or social group, and the activity parks too will be designed to be interesting places for absolutely everyone, all around the world.”

Lappset Group Oy’s managing director Juha Laakkonen is delighted that the top Finnish experts in their fields will be creating something new together.

“Working with Angry Birds will extend Lappset’s opportunities in the growing Asian market and strengthen its product range to improve the health and fitness of people of all ages, while also highlighting Lappset’s ability to be the leading and most innovative company in its field. Getting people of all ages active is extremely important for society,” says Juha Laakkonen.

“Digitalisation is a mega trend which also enables a wide range of physical activities.”

In total, the Angry Birds play park equipment designed by Lappset includes around twenty products. The product range features animal spring riders, swings, sandpits and a range of climbing towers with slides. Familiar characters from the mobile game are incorporated into the playground equipment, whose colour scheme also reflects the Angry Birds game environment. A unique new product in the range is an Angry Birds arcade game that can be played outdoors in the park.

As well as the product range, Lappset has designed complete ready-made Angry Birds activity parks which can be supplied as a package solution for outdoor spaces of different sizes. All the playground equipment manufactured by Lappset - including the products in the Angry Birds range - comply with current European safety standards under EN 1176.

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