Autonomy Consolidated Archive Transforms the Market as Leading Solution for Global Organizations

By Autonomy Corporation Plc, PRNE
Sunday, November 7, 2010

Comprehensive Archiving Solution Delivers Innovative Mobile 'Anywhere Access,' Hits 17 Petabyte Milestone, and Wins Market Share

SAN FRANCISCO, November 8, 2010 - ARMA 2010 — Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader
in infrastructure software for the enterprise today announced a series of
innovations to the Autonomy Consolidated Archive, Autonomy's comprehensive
and integrated archiving solution. These enhancements-which include new
"Anywhere Access" capabilities for iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry users, as
well as new "Cloud Connect" features for hybrid deployments-continue to
extend Autonomy's position as the market leader in archiving. Autonomy is the
market share leader, with 24% market share, according to Gartner's recently
released "Email Archiving Trends" report(1) and was named a leader in
Gartner's 2010 "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving."(2) The
Autonomy Consolidated Archive cloud-based offering also recently passed the
17 Petabyte benchmark, representing the world's largest private cloud.

The Autonomy Consolidated Archive (ACA) is a modular, secure, and
integrated solution that enables customers to leverage the same
market-leading archiving technology via an on-premise, cloud-based, hybrid,
or appliance-based approach. ACA provides the industry's only intelligent
governance layer from which businesses can drive their compliance,
eDiscovery, and records management initiatives directly from archived data.
The solution leverages innovative split-cell architecture which keeps two
secure copies of every piece of data, single instance storage design for
managing distributed sources and attachments, and hybrid architecture that
couples on-site architecture with outsourced services for long-term data

Powered by Autonomy's Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL), the ACA
automatically recognizes concepts and context within all forms of
information, and injects this understanding into the company's comprehensive
set of information governance modules, which include Autonomy Early Case
Assessment, Legal Hold, Introspect, Records Manager, Supervisor, and iManage
WorkSite. The ability to understand the meaning of content in the archive
transforms its value from merely protecting and storing data, to identifying
patterns and leveraging its value for business purposes.

"The tremendous success of Autonomy's Consolidated Archive and the
impressive growth of Autonomy's private cloud is the result of our unique
vision for this market," said Mike Sullivan, CEO of Autonomy Protect. "Only
Autonomy can automatically apply governance policies by understanding the
meaning of what's in the information, provide a comprehensive set of modules
that tie the archive directly in to a company's compliance, eDiscovery, and
Records Management initiatives, and make the data directly available via a
cloud, on-premise, hybrid, or appliance approach."

'Anywhere Access' for Mobile Users Including iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry

The Autonomy Consolidated Archive also includes new "Anywhere Access"
capabilities for mobile users, which greatly benefits organizations that are
rapidly adopting a mobile and cloud computing strategy. ACA's Anywhere Access
technology allows users to instantly find their archived information stored
in the cloud from mobile devices, tablets, and desktops, without installing
any client-side software. Recent emails are viewed in their native format
(PST for Outlook and NSF for Notes). Unlike slow, complex, and costly "file
stubbing" approaches, ACA Anywhere Access is designed for the next generation
of enterprises, which will increasingly leverage a mobile and cloud computing

Innovative "Cloud Connect" Feature Enables Seamless, Gradual Transitions

The solution includes a new feature called "Cloud Connect" which enables
customers to make a seamless, gradual transition to cloud-based archiving.
Businesses can use Cloud Connect to maintain a hybrid deployment that
includes a combination of cloud and on-premise archiving, allocating data to
each environment based on policies and company strategy. "Cloud Connect"
greatly benefits organizations who wish to move to the cloud in small stages;
for instance, if a business would prefer to move only email over six months
old to the cloud, or keep new types of application data, like SharePoint, on

New Connectors Enable Unified View of all Enterprise Content

Autonomy Consolidated Archive also leverages new enhancements to the IDOL
Connector Framework, which allows organizations to form a unified view of all
enterprise content, removing layers of complexity in data management. The
Connector Framework normalizes the control and collection of content to over
400 content repositories and over 1,000 file types. Recently added and
improved connectors include EMC Documentum, Microsoft Outlook 2010, Microsoft
Business Productivity Online Suite, and Lotus Notes.

    Autonomy Consolidated Archive Includes the Following Features

    -- Real-time capture of massive volumes of email and other electronic
    -- Fast and efficient processing, indexing, de-duplication,
       virtualization, and single-instance storage techniques
    -- Support for leading storage devices including tamper-proof compliant
    -- Unparalleled connectivity with more than 400 available connectors to
       internal, external and public data sources
    -- Customizes to the specific language and vocabulary required by the
       user, supporting a virtually unlimited vocabulary size for an
       unrivalled range of single and multibyte languages
    -- Secure managed storage ranging from months to decades with
       document-level retention policies and secure disposition
    -- Desktop integration enables offline synch, desktop PST collection,
       desktop legal hold, and end-user search across both the local index
       and the archive

For more information on Autonomy Consolidated Archive, please visit

About Autonomy

Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L), a global leader in
infrastructure software for the enterprise, spearheads the Meaning Based
Computing movement. IDC recently recognized Autonomy as having the largest
market share and fastest growth in the worldwide search and discovery market.
Autonomy's technology allows computers to harness the full richness of human
information, forming a conceptual and contextual understanding of any piece
of electronic data, including unstructured information, such as text, email,
web pages, voice, or video. Autonomy's software powers the full spectrum of
mission-critical enterprise applications including pan-enterprise search,
customer interaction solutions, information governance, end-to-end
eDiscovery, records management, archiving, business process management, web
content management, web optimization, rich media management and video and
audio analysis.

Autonomy's customer base is comprised of more than 20,000 global
companies, law firms and federal agencies including: AOL, BAE Systems, BBC,
Bloomberg, Boeing, Citigroup, Coca Cola, Deutsche Bank, DLA Piper, Ericsson,
FedEx, Ford, GlaxoSmithKline, Lloyds Banking Group, NASA, Nestle, the New
York Stock Exchange, Reuters, Shell, Tesco, T-Mobile, the U.S. Department of
Energy, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission. More than 400 companies OEM Autonomy technology,
including Symantec, Citrix, HP, Novell, Oracle, Sybase and TIBCO. The company
has offices worldwide. Please visit to find out more.

Autonomy and the Autonomy logo are registered trademarks or trademarks of
Autonomy Corporation plc. All other trademarks are the property of their
respective owners.

(1) Gartner, "Market Trends: E-mail Archiving Strong Growth Continues,"
by Sheila Childs and Alan Dayley, October 6, 2010

(2) Gartner, "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving" by
Sheila Childs and Kenneth Chin, October 29, 2010

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