Bank of Beijing Undertakes New Initiative to Incorporate Accuity's AML Solutions

By Accuity, PRNE
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LONDON, March 1, 2011 - Accuity, the leading provider of payment routing data, anti-money
laundering (AML) screening software, and services, is pleased to announce
that Bank of Beijing, one of China's largest commercial banks, has selected
Accuity's Compliance Link (
and Global WatchList(R) (
Compliance Link, Accuity's modular enterprise-wide
interdiction screening solution, and Global WatchList, Accuity's proprietary
collection of sanctions, enhanced due diligence and Politically Exposed
Persons (PEPs) lists, will help Bank of Beijing lead its market by employing
an innovative solution that includes functionality for managing entity
records in multiple languages and character sets.

The Bank engaged with Accuity and its local partner in China, Jade Bird,
in early 2009 to discuss the market and technology-specific needs of the
Bank's AML compliance program. Key to helping Bank of Beijing with its fight
against global money laundering and terrorist financing in its continually -
growing market is Compliance Link's Language Module (
Unique in the industry, Compliance Link's Language
Module will convert Bank of Beijing's Chinese-character entity records into
Roman-character equivalents for screening - in real time or in batch -
against global caution lists in Roman characters. While Bank of Beijing is
using only the Chinese-language component, Compliance Link offers
capabilities for a number of languages in other character sets including
Japanese, Korean, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek and many others. Using the Language
Module as part of its end-to-end screening solution, Bank of Beijing will
have greater visibility and clarity when screening daily volumes of up to ten
thousand cross-border payments, complying with all national and international
regulations and protecting its reputation.

In addition, Bank of Beijing will be employing Compliance Link's ability
to screen information in its databases and transaction systems held in
Chinese characters against caution lists in Chinese characters. Compliance
Link's language-specific capabilities are an ideal complement to the
extensive coverage of PEPs provided by Accuity's Global WatchList, combined,
these capabilities will elevate Bank of Beijing's national enhanced due
diligence efforts to a market-leading level.

Prior to selecting Accuity, the Bank of Beijing engaged in a detailed
review of all global providers, and "[we] have chosen Accuity based on its
unique ability to provide a complete solution including data, software and
services," says a Bank of Beijing official, "Accuity is able to provide local
IT support, implementation and training services through its partnership with
Jade Bird - this comprehensive offering is key for our operations."

"Accuity has a long-established history of supplying the market with
global banking data of unmatched breadth, depth and accuracy and is pleased
to be able to assist market leaders like Bank of Beijing with the innovative
technology evident in Compliance Link and the comprehensive data coverage
provided by Global WatchList," said Malcolm Taylor, Accuity's Managing
Director EMEA and Asia Pacific. "We are happy to have this opportunity to
provide one of the world's largest economies with further protection against
illicit financial transactions and compliance with global anti-money
laundering initiatives."

Additional information about Accuity's Compliance Solutions can be found
on Accuity's Web site (
To learn more about the compliance solutions available from
Accuity please contact

About Accuity

Accuity ( is the leading provider of
global payment routing data, AML screening software and services that allow
organizations, across multiple industries, to maximize efficiency and
facilitate compliance of their transactions. As the Official Registrar of ABA
Routing Numbers since 1911, Accuity maintains the most authoritative and
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