HaloIPT to Wirelessly Charge Super Luxury Car

By Haloipt, PRNE
Monday, February 28, 2011

LONDON, March 2, 2011 - HaloIPT will supply its revolutionary induction charging technology for
102EX, the Phantom Experimental Electric vehicle revealed yesterday at the
Geneva Motor Show.

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has developed the test vehicle to explore
alternatives to traditional internal combustion for the first time in the
company's 107 year history. HaloIPT is part of an exclusive group of
innovators whose systems have been integrated into the experimental vehicle.

HaloIPT is the first company in the world to bring to market wireless
charging technology, which allows cars fitted with an integrated receiver to
charge automatically when parked over transmitter pads buried in the ground.
HaloIPT's wireless charging systems use inductive power transfer (IPT) to
transfer power over large gaps and are incredibly tolerant to parking
misalignment with power transfer efficiencies that can match a
plug-and-cable. The technology is designed to function beneath asphalt, and
even works under water or covered in ice and snow. IPT systems can be
configured to work with all road-based vehicles from small city cars to
heavy-goods vehicles and buses.

In future, infrastructure providers will be able to embed IPT technology
into roads, so HaloIPT cars can be charged on the move. This dynamic
in-motion charging represents the most effective way of solving the range
issues faced by electric vehicles today and will significantly reduce battery
size requirements as well as providing unparalleled charging convenience.

Dr Anthony Thomson, CEO of HaloIPT, says: "We are delighted to provide
our wireless charging technology for this trial. Industry feedback so far
tells us that the automation advantages of wireless charging make it the best
charging solution for luxury electric vehicles and will be the key to
unlocking the potential of this exciting market. Users don't need to get out
of their vehicles and hunt for a cable to plug-in, they will just park and
walk away while their car starts charging automatically … the ultimate in
modern convenience."

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has launched the website
www.electricluxury.com to ignite a global debate around the car.
Owners, media and Rolls-Royce enthusiasts are encouraged to contribute,
feeding back thoughts, concerns and questions on the use of battery electric
technology for super luxury cars.

If you would like to speak to John Miles, Chairman of HaloIPT in Geneva;
or Anthony Thomson, CEO of HaloIPT by phone, please contact Sarah Mulder,
Helen Fitzhugh or Kelly Kerruish on +44(0)207-401-8001 or Helen on

For more information, please visit: www.haloipt.com

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Media contacts: Epoch PR on behalf of HaloIPT, Sarah Mulder or Helen Fitzhugh, Email: smulder at epochpr.com / hfitzhugh at epochpr.com, Tel: +44(0)207-401-8001 / +44(0)7966-797083

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