Brunel Franklin Gallops to a Big Win for Hull Businessman

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thoroughbred of PPI Refunds Secures PPI Justice

ALTRINCHAM, England, May 14, 2011 - Leading consumer champion Brunel Franklin has recorded another major
refund, this time it's a massive GBP7,500 win against the vendor Black Horse,
for mis-sold PPI (payment protection insurance), for a client in East
. Paul Fielder, a 33 year old managing director of a property
company from Hull, first complained about his PPI policy to Brunel Franklin
in August 2010 and just a few months later, he is celebrating a payout of
over GBP7500.

Like millions of other people, Paul took out a secured loan; he was using
the money to develop a property in Sheffield. His financial situation at the
time didn't really warrant protection from redundancy - and it was not made
clear to him that the PPI was optional on the loan.

"They didn't tell me the PPI was on there," explained Paul. "It just
seemed to be an integral part of the agreement. It is only when I started to
hear about PPI in the media that I gave them a call. I was never going to be
able to use the protection anyway so I had been paying five years for
something that offered me no real benefit, so I decided to do something about

When the vendor did not help, Paul initially contacted another claims
firm, only for them to take his case and sit on it for over a year with no
progress. It was at this stage when discussing the matter with a friend that
his friend told him about Brunel Franklin.

"My case had been in a black hole with another claims firm for over 12
months and nothing had happened so my friend recommended Brunel Franklin,"
said Paul. "He said they were really good and gave me their details, so I
decided to give them a try."

Brunel Franklin contacted the vendor Black Horse on Paul's behalf in
August 2010 and by the 14 March had secured a refund on the account. Needless
to say, Paul was delighted with the result and the service from Brunel

"From day one, Brunel Franklin were great," added Paul. "They took my
claim forwards, the service was great, communication was great and they were
very much on the ball. They chased everything for me and they were so simple
and easy to deal with, they really left me nothing to do but wait for a
cheque, which I now have!"

Sally Bowyer, Managing Director of Brunel Franklin, said: "Paul's case
highlights just how careful people must be when taking out loan and other
credit agreements. As this case shows, even as recently as 2006 PPI was being
bundled into loans without people's knowledge, so people really should check
any loan or credit card agreements they took out at the time. Paul's case
also shows that while many companies are out there offering to undertake this
work, you really need to go with a company you can trust, with a proven track
record of success."

As the managing director of a successful property company, Paul was smart
enough to check his agreements and recognised the sense in having a
specialist like Brunel Franklin do all the hard work of chasing the vendor
for him. Many people seem to continue to struggle to get the refunds they
deserve alone. It may never be too late to contact a specialist like Brunel
, even if years have passed since the original sale.

"It is always the responsibility of the vendor to make sure that the
policy is the best one to fit your circumstances at the time of the sale,"
added Sally. "If like Paul, you didn't realise what insurances you were being
sold at the time, and you subsequently discover you have been paying a great
deal of money for PPI that was not fully explained, there is a chance you may
have been mis-sold a policy."

It can often be a struggle for people to obtain redress for PPI
mis-selling, but Paul's case had a particularly happy ending: "As a
businessman I am more angry with the banks for not giving business loans than
my PPI case but I'm glad to have my cash back," added Paul. "I was able to
use some of the money to buy my girlfriend a nice engagement ring, so there
was a happy ending. I have been watching the news on PPI and I'm pleased that
other people like me look like they may now get a refund and I would
certainly recommend they use Brunel Franklin to help them do it."

Brunel Franklin operates on a no-win, no-fee basis, so if the company
cannot bring your case to a satisfactory conclusion, you pay nothing. A lot
of worry and sleepless nights is all you have to lose. To find out if Brunel
can help you get the refund you may be entitled to against a
mis-sold PPI policy, you can call the company free of charge on 0800 051
5451. Alternatively, log on to

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