Camden COO-L Wins Recognition at 2011 Prepaid365 Card Awards

By Emotion Associates Limited, PRNE
Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wins Runner Up Gong in Best Youth Prepaid Card Category

LONDON, April 8, 2011 - The Camden COO-L Prepaid Card, a unique product launched by
Camden Council to promote young people's activities, was celebrating
recognition at the 2011 Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards by scooping the
Runners Up award in the Best Youth Prepaid Card category.

The Camden COO-L Prepaid card offers young people an opportunity to spend
their money on positive activities in and around Camden. Aimed at young
people who are eligible for free school meals in school years 9-11, young
people looked after and who have learning disabilities and difficulties.

The card is loaded with GBP25 per month which can then be used by the
cardholders to participate in fun and positive activities in their local
area. Cardholders do not have access to withdraw these funds at ATMs. Instead
they are restricted for use at specific merchants and service providers in
the Camden area, including music lessons, theatre productions, museums and

David Ingham, Camden COO-L Project Manager, said: "It's great news to be
recognised in the best youth based card category. Thanks to the Prepaid365
Prepaid Card Awards for this nomination. The card gives young people
independence to choose what they would like to do."

The card has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the young
people involved with the project. Feedback included:

- "I find the card very easy to use as it's just like a MasterCard. My
Mum told me how to use it at first and then I got the hang of it."

- "It makes me feel sort of grown up, having a card."

- "I hope to participate in new activities to learn new things and make
new friends."

- "Because you only have to type in a PIN number to buy things - the only
thing you have to remember is your PIN number!"

- "It's easier than using money because you won't lose it easily."

- "When you get too much money, you wanna go to cinema or want to go out
too much, you wouldn't like to stay at home….but I can improve that by
managing the money I have got and decide where and when to go out."

Noel Moran, CEO of Prepaid Financial Services Ltd, programme manager of
the Camden COO-L Prepaid Card, said: "We are delighted that the Camden COO-L
project has been recognised in the Prepaid365 Consumer Awards. PFS have
worked closely with the COO-L team to deliver a card programme which is
tailored to meet very specific requirements. The success of the programme is
a testimony to the commitment and dedication of the COO-L team and also to
the flexibility and scalability of the PFS prepaid platform. That the project
empowers young people and affords them opportunities to engage in healthy and
positive activities is something we are very happy to facilitate."

Amit Sharma, CEO of Prepaid Marketing Consultancy Emotion Associates and
founder of Prepaid365, stated that "Prepaid cards play an important role in
providing youth a safe and controlled spending option and this is one of the
key pillars of the prepaid value proposition. The Camden COO-L prepaid youth
card is an excellent vehicle for teaching children the disciplines of
budgeting and providing them with enhanced accessibility and financial
independence in a controlled environment - this recognition is well

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