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By Cybage Software, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

Should IT Outsourcing Actually Mean Operational Efficiency Organization-Wide?

PUNE, India, February 14, 2011 - Having presented its first 1st edition white paper on
'Maximizing Product Development ROI through Offshore Product Engineering'
Cybage is now courting responses to some of the points raised within.

Additionally, Cybage would encourage readers to consider some
follow-up questions.

Combining all its inherent and much advocated benefits, can we
safely conclude that outsourcing is all about improving the operational
efficiencies? If yes, then is it possible to see a grand picture and have a
situation whereby outsourcing not only impacts the product engineering and
development but also the overall structure of the organization?

In other words, can the process of outsourcing software
development function to a software services provider make an entire
organization more efficient across a range of business processes - such as
HRD, Finance, Recruitment, Marketing, Sales or Administration - thereby
amplifying the benefits manifold? And, can outsourcing achieve this without
affecting a business's overall organizational mission, its inherent business
philosophy and its strategic and tactical objectives, while keeping the
overall cost equation balanced?

Cybage welcomes responses to either the white paper itself, or the points
raised in this article. Please contact the author of this article, Sunil P
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