Drewberry Insurance: What's That, You Have Already Quit Your New Year's Resolution?

By Drewberry Insurance, PRNE
Monday, February 7, 2011

LONDON, February 8, 2011 - Another New Year and a new opportunity to make those all too common short
lived resolutions that fall by the wayside before the end of January.

The private medical insurance team at Drewberry felt something needed to
be done and have announced the '7 Steps to Resolution Success'. Andrew
, Head of Health Insurance at Drewberry (
www.drewberryhealthinsurance.co.uk/) said 'We are motivated people who
want to do well and stick to our resolutions so we came up with seven steps
to help keep us on track. It doesn't have to be a new year, a goal is a goal
and to see a goal through to the end we need a bit of grit and determination
and a few key ingredients.'

Aviva's 2011 'New Year, New You' report found the vast majority of New
Resolutions to have died a sudden and uneventful death at some point
in January with 80% of people admitting that past attempts at making positive
changes to their lifestyle had faltered by February 1st. Drewberry insurance
have put together their '7 Steps to Resolution Success' to help buck the

1. What is your plan of action?

You are destined for failure if you conjure up your goal and simply cross
your fingers and hope for the best. Baby steps, for most mere mortals just
setting a goal is not enough, it needs planning out; you need to be able to
see that you are progressing to be motivated to continue. Plan your goal with
key milestones, hurdles you might face and incentivise yourself with small
treats along the way.

2. Why are you doing this again?

Why is your goal important? If you have to think about this question your
goal will soon be forgotten, motivation matters and if the goal is not
important to you it is far too easy to let it slide.

3. What is your Plan B?

Let's face it, life is just a series of mistakes from which you have to
pick yourself up, dust yourself off and learn. The key is not in not falling
off but picking yourself up and having the courage and determination to get
back on the horse when you do fall.

4. Where is your support?

Share your goals with friends and family, talk to them about what you
want to achieve and make them aware of your progress, the good and the bad.
It is those closest to you who will provide you with words of wisdom and
positive thought when you need it most.

5. Rome was not built in a day.

Slow down, your goals have to be reasonable; many people get over-zealous
come the New Year and expect to go from couch potato to marathon man in a
week. For real personal growth, slow and steady is the answer, have
reasonable expectations and momentum will naturally build over time.

6. Will you be letting anyone down?

It is easy to let the voices in your head take over and pawn you off with
excuses of why your goal is a waste of time. What if you had to report to
someone else with your progress? Whether a friend or family member, have them
track your progress and keep you focused on your goal, it is far more
difficult to pawn them off with petty excuses.

7. Do you suffer from Unsuccessfulitis?

A truly terrible disease, you stick with your goal and start to see
results and then unsuccessfulitis rears its ugly head. Fear sets in, what if
you actually achieve your goal? Sometimes people are so attached to who they
are and their life as they know it they can unconsciously sabotage themselves
for the fear of change. While it can be scary to go beyond your comfort zone,
it is necessary to become the new you, the more you step out of your comfort
zone the more liberating it becomes.

Although the statistics are stacking up against you, if you follow these
simple steps and get the support of others your goals can be achieved. For
more information on tips to healthier living and ways to achieve your goals
visit the NHS Change 4 Life (
www.nhs.uk/change4life/Pages/change-for-life.aspx) website.

If motivation alone is not enough to keep you on track how about the
added incentive of saving some pennies. If quitting smoking is your goal and
you have mortgage protection, (
staying smoke free for 12 months and beyond could see your life
insurance premiums drop by as much as 30%. If you are a fitness junky and
have a personal health insurance (
www.drewberryhealthinsurance.co.uk/individual-health-insurance/) plan
by declaring your healthy lifestyle to the insurers you could save on your
premiums there to.

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