Finesse Solutions Introduces New T700 cGMP Upstream Processing Platform Featuring G3 Hardware and Fully Integrated Single-Use Sensors

By Finesse Solutions Llc, PRNE
Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SAN JOSE, California, March 16, 2011 - Finesse Solutions, LLC, San Jose, CA, a manufacturer of measurement and
control solutions for life sciences process applications, announced the
release of the T700(TM) upstream processing platform for single-use
bioreactors ranging from 25L to 2,000L in size. The T700 family of turn-key
control systems is designed to the highest performance and quality standards.
Each turnkey system comprises TruViu(R) G3 hardware, TruBio(R) software, and
TruFluor(R)/TruTorr(R) single-use sensors. The T700 platform brings the
benefits of DeltaV reliability for cGMP applications in an affordable
package, with easy scalability to multiple process trains using the DeltaV
TruLogic(R) Controller. TruService installation, validation, and maintenance
packages for the T700 platform ensure on-time, seamless commissioning
validation, and reliable support.

T700 systems were optimized for use with single-use vessels that require
redundant sensors and multiple peripherals. The G3 hardware system consists
of a Utility Tower (holding the single-use sensor blades), a Pump Tower, and
a Gas Manifold, as well as a large range of peripherals (cart, HMI, scales,
third party sensors, external pumps, etc.). It is designed to minimize
footprint and start-up cost. Two T700 systems can be mounted onto a cart with
a NEMA 4X HMI for maximum process flexibility, or one T700 system can be
mounted on bioreactor skid with integral HMI for total process mobility.

The new TruViu G3 hardware system provides a flexible yet plug-and-play
solution without foregoing the robustness of industrial automation. The
platform leverages next-generation TruFluor (pH and DO) blades having digital
communications to the controller, and the Virtual Transmitter in TruBio
software. This state-of-the art combination of hardware and software enables
automated sensor calibration, full sensor diagnostics, and advanced alarming
options for operators. TruBio 4.0 software enables state-of-the-art graphics,
database management, calibration, alarms, report generation,
OPC-interconnectivity with off-line analyzers, and real-time control
algorithms. TruBio save/load files facilitate scale-up from 25L to 2,000L,
and rapid, but secure technology transfer from PD into cGMP

According to Finesse Solutions Manager of Integration and Automation, Mr.
John Greenwood, "We have worked closely with our end users to define the
requirements for the next generation single-use bioreactor controller.
Seamless integration of single-use sensors and sensor redundancy were two key
challenges to resolve. Our T700 platform allows end users to seamlessly
transition from traditional to fully redundant single-use sensors. This
represents a major advance in the control of single-use bioreactors." John
added, "We are looking forward to watching our T700 GMP systems deliver the
competitive advantages of increased performance, long-term reliability,
reduced operating costs, and greater configuration flexibility that are all
enabled by our new design."

About Finesse Solutions, LLC

California-based Finesse Solutions, LLC, has established a proven record
in providing turn-key, scalable solutions for single-use upstream
bio-processing. The Finesse product platform includes an extensive portfolio
of novel disposable sensors, modular configure-to-order automation hardware,
and intelligent software that can harmonize global bio-process information
and technology transfer. Finesse also offers a complete set of services
including startup, commissioning, and validation for rapid and reliable
deployment of single-use equipment into cGMP manufacturing applications. For
more information, please visit us at

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