Fitting Your New Flooring

By Carpetright, PRNE
Thursday, November 3, 2011

PURFLEET, England, November 4, 2011 -

When choosing a new floor you will inevitably shop around, look at the benefits of each flooring type and spend time deliberating over materials, fabrics, weaves and styles. However, a luxurious new carpet or a beautiful laminate floor is only one part of the flooring puzzle. Buying stylish flooring is important but fit it wrong and your dream floor will soon become a flooring nightmare. To help, the UK’s leading flooring specialist Carpetright have put together their best tips for preparing your room for your new flooring. 

Preparing Your Room 

Whether you’re fitting your new floor yourself or hiring a professional fitter, the most important thing to remember is to prepare your floor before you fit a new one. Ineffectively preparing floor could lead to your new floor being damaged, uneven or low quality due to indents or damp patches.

If you’re removing an old carpet, make sure you hoover your carpet before you remove it. This may seem unnecessary but it will stop any dirt or loose fabric from falling off your carpet. This will protect your floor as ensure the rest of your home stays clean. You must also ensure you remove any traces of your old flooring as chunks of carpet backing can be left when removing an old carpet. Leaving these behind could cause bumps and damage your new floor. 

Vinyl and laminate should be fitted onto a smooth and even subfloor to ensure the best finish. When fitting, you should never fit over existing flooring or directly over floorboards as the contours of this original flooring will show through. 

Ensuring Your Flooring Measures Up 

Before you buy a new floor, you need to measure your room so you know how much you need to buy. Accurately measuring your room will ensure you don’t overspend when flooring shopping or, even worse, run the risk of not buying enough flooring to cover your room. 

To measure your room properly, you simply need to measure the room across its longest and widest parts. Remember to include alcoves or any awkward corners in your measurement and if you want your new carpet to run into a doorway, be sure to keep this in mind when measuring. You should also add 10cm onto each measurement as this will allow the space needed for cutting, trimming and ensure a quality finish. 

Can Carpetright Help? 

As well as buying your new floor from Carpetright, you can also speak to their trained staff about home consultation and measuring services. Home Consultation will bring a trained carpet expert to your door where you can view products, discuss flooring types and receive practical advice on what product best suits your home. You can also speak to them about underlay and flooring accessories. Alternatively, a Measuring & Estimation appointment will give you accurate dimensions of your room and a fantastic quote on the flooring needed. To book an appointment with Carpetright, visit your local store or book online at


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