GDS International Provides 10 Lessons for Busy Executives

By Gds International, PRNE
Monday, November 7, 2011

BRISTOL, England, November 8, 2011 -

GDS International, a leading global business-to-business event company, has announced the launch of a new initiative in their efforts to promote customer experience and enhance value for busy executives attending GDS summits.  The new GDS 10 Lessons Report, introduced last week, allows all GDS event attendees to return to their offices with ten key lessons which will make a real difference to their business strategy.

CEO Oliver Smart says, “As a host of over 100 events per year, GDS International receives a lot of feedback from Fortune 500 clients as to how to optimize the value in taking time out of the office to attend our summits.  We found the most common request from clients is for a physical takeaway:  in effect, a hard copy summary of the ten key strategies discussed at each event.”  

The GDS 10 Lessons Report was premiered at the CFO Europe Summit, a 2 and a half day gathering for CFOs across Europe as well as solution providers including PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wipro, and iPass.

Analyst Partner IDC Financial Insights provided a summary in the 10 Lessons Report on core areas discussed at the event, including:

-use of mobile in financial services

-progress in Cloud Computing

-reducing Cost-to-Income ratios

The GDS 10 Lessons Report for each summit also features an introduction from their Advisory Board Chair, a short summary of highlights from Analyst Partners, and the most valuable, practical and relevant points, quotes and case studies from the two and a half days.

To read the complete version of the CFO Summit 10 Lessons Report, please visit

About GDS International:

GDS International is one of the most innovative events and media companies worldwide and a globally renowned producer of business-to-business summits, conferences, online information and advisory group gatherings.

Founded in 1993, GDS International specialises in meeting the B2B marketing needs of our clients. Having a strong presence in mature industrial sectors but a finger on the pulse of emerging markets - as well as up-and-coming B2B business verticals - means we are perfectly placed to capitalise on the exciting developments brought about by the advent of a globalised economy.

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