Global Russia Business Meeting Under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Cyprus

By Horasis - Global Visions Community, PRNE
Monday, April 25, 2011

LIMASSOL, Cyprus, April 26, 2011 - Horasis organized the 2011 Global Russia Business Meeting in Limassol,
Cyprus, on 10 and 11 April, under the auspices of the President of the
Republic Mr. Demetris Christofias and co-hosted by the Republic of Cyprus and
the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency.

The Global Russia Business Meeting (GRBM) attracts top level Government
representatives from the Russian Federation and other countries, as well as
senior executives of organizations and private companies from Russia and
worldwide. The conference focused on the challenges and opportunities
presented for Russia in today's world economic environment. The objective of
the conference was to encourage thought and actions for the continuous
economic success of Russian companies in the worldwide business world.

Frank-Juergen Richter, President of Horasis, said that 'it is very
important to meet and discuss the future of our economies and ways to restore
confidence, as well as how Russia can contribute to overcoming the global
financial crisis.' He said that 'many of the entrepreneurs participating in
the conference are ready to invest and rebuild our economies' and 'most
Russian companies investing in Cyprus are using the island as a medium,
channelling their investment abroad.'

The second Horasis Global Russia Business Meeting organized in Cyprus was
focused around what is believed to be the major drivers of growth and forces
that will shape the new order: they will impact both the financial economy
and the real economy, in Russia and the world at large. The assembly of
Russian and world leaders brought together under the auspices of the GRBM
sought to contribute to progress toward stability in both a conceptual and a
practical way.

A large number of CEOs from Russia came together with leaders from around
the globe to discuss Russia's and the world's current economic and political
state. The GRBM provided a valuable and timely opportunity for leaders from
government, business and academia to meet and exchange views and ideas on the
way ahead for Russia and the world.

Horasis: The Global Visions Community is an independent international
organization committed to enacting visions for a sustainable future. Horasis
provides strategic foresight to public and private entities who envisage
growing into global and sustainable organizations.

Horasis hosts annual meetings to advance solutions to the most critical
challenges facing corporations today. Participants jointly identify globally
relevant business issues and develop sophisticated and interdisciplinary
solutions. Participants then leverage these solutions to enhance corporate
performance and long-term growth.


A full report of the Global Russia Business Meeting accompanying this
release is available on the Horasis Website. It can be downloaded from

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