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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

POOLE, England, June 23, 2011 -


Lord Sugar caused uproar within the engineering industry this
week after announcing he is yet to meet an engineer ‘who can turn
his hands to business’. href="twitter.com/#!/rogerallenzeta">Roger Allen, MD of
leading digital agency Zeta
however, believes that amongst the ill feeling there is an essence
of truth in Lord Sugar’s statement.

Roger has championed the need to recognise both your strengths
and your weaknesses when it comes to business. He said ‘If it were
reversed would pure businessmen be affronted if they were told that
rarely do they make good engineers?  Of course not, business
is business and engineering is engineering.  Great engineers
should join forces with great business people and not fall into the
trap of thinking because they are good engineers those undoubted
skills are transferable into the necessary credentials of the
successful business person.’

Allen’s opinion has been formed after building Zeta from the
ground up over the last 11 years, a firm that proudly counts many
engineering firms amongst its clients. Allen commented ‘In my
experience engineers can often have a simplistic and almost
patronizing view of the value of marketing.  Zeta has some
very “turned on” clients that are engineering companies, but to get
them to that stage of understanding the value of marketing has
taken a few years. ‘.

Allen concluded ‘It’s fair to say Lord Sugar has a valid point
based on his many years of experience in manufacturing and
business, however as usual his robust style of delivery has caused
mayhem and the underlying message gets obscured.  The country
desperately needs more manufacturing and therefore cutting edge
designers and engineers of all types.  But to bring success
the “engineers” must embrace pro-active full on business practices
and the best way for them to do that is partner with those that
have that natural expertise, people like Lord Sugar’.

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