Love Vs Lust - Which Will You be Voting for This Valentine's Day?

By Global Personals, PRNE
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LONDON, February 10, 2011 - UK Dating sites ( and ( have gone head-to-head in a
battle for Valentine's day, urging members of the public to vote for what
they really desire on 14th February - Love or Lust.

Catherine Hart; a die-hard romantic, argues the case for love:

"Love is so powerful that it doesn't discriminate. It can still send a
thunder bolt of 'wow' into your life at any moment, and change who you are
forever, if you just let it. Need an incentive? Think of waking up exhausted
on February 14th, getting soaked in the rain, told off by your boss and being
too intoxicated with love to care. Escape from your office, the internet and
TV with a good dose of what really makes the world spin round and fall in
love this Valentine's Day."

Hayley Quinn; a dating and seduction coach advocates lust this
Valentine's day:

"Quit putting the CEO of Clinton Card's children through university with
'I Love You' cards that end up as coasters; and don't even think about
calling the florist. Valentine's Day isn't a day that was ever to do with
love: in fact it all started from Lupercalia an ancient fertility festival
where men went around spanking women to improve their fertility. On 14th
February, Put lust at the top of your agenda."

So whatever you are looking for this Valentine's Day and beyond whether
it is hearts and flowers or spanks and parties, find it all at

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