Boogie Board(TM) LCD Writing Tablet Bringing Big Paper Saving Benefits to Europe

By Improv Electronics, PRNE
Wednesday, February 9, 2011

KENT, Ohio, February 10, 2011 - Improv Electronics announced today it is expanding distribution for the
Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet in Europe following production capacity
increases to meet high demand for the environmentally-friendly alternative to
paper-based writing and drawing mediums. Three primary factors have driven
the Boogie Board tablet's popularity:

    -- Environmentally-friendly, paperless design requires no consumables
    -- Intuitive writing experience similar to paper and pen (no lag,
       variable line thickness)
    -- Long-lasting, meaningful gift for all ages with revolutionary
       reflective display technology for under 40 Euros

Improv Electronics, a subsidiary of Kent Displays, launched the Boogie
Board tablet in the United States and Asia in 2010. Production capacity for
the year sold out and sales were 10 times forecast. Six exciting new colors
were launched in January 2011. Gold and silver will be added in spring 2011.

The Boogie Board tablet has many uses in the home and office as a
replacement for memo pads, sticky notes and scrap paper. Students use it in
place of paper and messy chalk and dry erase boards for practicing
handwriting/arithmetic, solving equations, drawing pictures and playing
games. It is a communication device for those with speech/hearing impairments
and a rehabilitation tool for those with physical or intellectual
disabilities. Emergency room physicians use it to record patient vital signs
and other transient information.

"We are very excited to bring the Boogie Board tablet to Europe," said
Jon Manke, Sales Director, Improv Electronics. "More than any other region in
the world, Europe has embraced an environmentally conscious lifestyle. We
expect the current Boogie Board tablet, as well as several coming variations
and accessories, to become an integral part of that lifestyle."

Manke continued, "Because the tablet has a wide buyer demographic and
fast-moving, high volume sales, it also appeals to resellers and distributors
across many market segments including gadgets, gifts, office supplies, home
products, computers and mass merchandisers." Parties interested in becoming a
reseller/distributor should submit an application at

The Boogie Board tablet utilizes a pressure-sensitive, Reflex(TM) LCD
from Kent Displays for its writing surface, which unlike most LCDs is made of
impact-resistant, flexible plastic. The Reflex LCD retains an image
indefinitely without power and only a small amount is needed to erase
(supplied by a coin cell battery, which executes over 50,000 erase cycles).
At an MSRP under 40 Euros (34.95 GBP), the Boogie Board tablet's cost per
erase is 10 times less than the cost of a comparably-sized sheet of paper.

The Boogie Board tablet can be integrated into third party devices (e.g.,
computer keyboard). Custom colors and graphics are also available, making it
an ideal promotional vehicle and corporate gift.

About Improv Electronics

Improv Electronics was formed in 2010 as the consumer products subsidiary
of Kent Displays. Founded in 1993, Kent Displays, Inc. is a world leader in
the research, development and manufacture of Reflex No Power LCDs for unique,
sustainable applications including electronic skins, writing tablets,
smartcards and eReaders.

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