Meeting Simulation - European CEO Magazine Telepresence Awards 2010

By European Ceo, PRNE
Monday, March 21, 2011

LONDON, March 22, 2011 - As the need for cost saving strategies grip the business world,
telepresence offers economic efficiency and environmental benefits too.

In the wake of the global economic downturn, a drive towards cost
efficiency is paramount for businesses. In addition to this, there is a real
need for society as a whole to make changes in order to become more socially
responsible and reduce its carbon footprint, with businesses in particular
under pressure to cut out potentially unnecessary travel. Telepresence offers
the means by which businesses can achieve these goals.

At its most basic level, telepresence can be described as a cross between
video and conference calling, where the individual feels that he is attending
a face-to face meeting, as opposed to a remote event. Usually involving users
sitting in front of a large panoramic screen, the user's movement and speech
are recorded and monitored to give the feel of real time participation with
the user in the other location.

Enhancements to this system are currently under development, such as
projected display technology, similar to a life-sized hologram. In addition,
new sensors allow for users to manipulate a remote object or environment via
the use of their hands. These developments help increase the sensation of
being in a face-to-face environment.

Telepresence has a myriad of important applications outside the office
environment as well. Military operations can use the expertise of people,
such as bomb disposal experts, situated thousands of miles away from the
scene. Surgeons too can advise on critical procedures in locations where
there are no specialists in the their field. Telepresence also has
applications for allowing deaf or speech-impaired individuals communicate via
sign language using video equipment.

With such enormous potential, European CEO magazine commends the winners
of the Telepresence Awards 2010 for the development and promotion of
technology that promises a future of increased corporate efficiency and
reduced carbon footprints.

Telepresence awards, 2010

Telepresence Provider of the Year:
LifeSize Communications

Telepresence Managed Services Provider of the Year:
Tata Communications

Telepresence Network Provider of the Year:

Telepresence Infrastructure Provider of the Year:

Telepresence Innovator of the Year:
Digital Video Enterprises

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