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By Transform People International Ltd, PRNE
Monday, March 21, 2011

Hard Pressed Business Owners are Increasingly Turning to Partnership Programmes

NEWBURY, England, March 22, 2011 - For top talent, unprecedented changes are sweeping through the career
market. Gifted leaders, managers, directors and executives are leaving
companies to find more suitable work/life balances. Many are looking for more
flexible work arrangements, or for more compelling projects or a chance to
make a difference in their specialist fields.

Partner Programmes, where 'host' companies offer products, collaboration,
training, and support to help accredited associates build their businesses,
are set to mushroom as they help talented managers progress their careers on
their own terms. Not only do the burgeoning numbers of self-employed gurus
mean that there are even fewer top level business leaders available to
appoint but they are also making it harder for the more overpriced,
inconsistent management consultants to survive.

Transform People International, a UK-based performance improvement
consultancy, was quick off the mark 5 years ago to embark on such a business
model, where the experienced associates who joined them built both their own
new venture and Transform People's business, working under the company's
successful brand and credentials to easily earn more than GBP100,000 per

Transform People International allows top talent to progress their career
with most-if not all-of the barriers removed. They don't have to build their
own business base and negotiate all the twists and turns that such a venture
inevitably entails to get ahead.

Even for talented businesspeople it is often hard to strike out
completely alone and there are many barriers to cross. Not least the current
corporate clamp-down on outsourcing top talent, the lack of preferred
supplier status, and the absence of a globally acceptable fee structure. As a
result, there is an ever-growing pool of highly qualified and eminently able
top talent that is available to international organisations and global
corporates that simply cannot be hired.

Partner Programmes, with performance improvement consultancies and
management consultants, offer handsome fees to skilled practitioners with the
talent to engage senior executives and a proven track record of selling and
facilitating large groups. These are earned by delivering appropriate
business solutions and training programmes, and an additional fee is also
paid when executives win or deliver new business assignments.

The advantages for the executive are in the removal of significant sales
barriers, and barriers to building a business of their own. These benefits
include the existing global client base, case studies, financial strength,
marketing collateral, tools, models, collaboration with subject matter
expertise, immediate access to resource and international reach.

Hampshire-based June May is an example of one such associate. Her
experience as CEO and Senior Director spanned Europe, Middle East, Africa and
the USA. Among her specialities was developing successful new business
streams to increase company revenues. Her skills took a worldwide network
software company from GBP0 to over GBP50m in just 18 months. However, in
2000 her world collapsed as the company she was leading foundered and she
found herself gasping in the top talent pool.

Now a JP and a business associate with Transform People she was delighted
to find a company that provided thorough training in their products and
solutions, and offered significant support throughout every stage of her
transition, including business lead generation and product customisation.

"I am still hard-wired into the business world and Board activity, which
is important to me, but I now have a better work/life balance. My earnings
have hardly suffered but my values and attitudes to life have changed
dramatically. My health and well-being are much higher priorities - and that
includes daily school runs and never missing sports days or key school

As Bill Olsen, President and CEO, MRINetwork, Executive Decisions, said
in February 2011: "In today's job market, the competition for impact players
has never been more intense. In order to attract the best talent, it is
critical for companies to offer more."

Partner Programmes offer a marriage of convenience that has proven a
welcome platform for change for a great many top business talents.

For information on Transform People's Partner Programme, please call
+44(0)1488-608910 or email

Note to editors:

Transform People International is a performance improvement consultancy
that delivers bottom line results through people by transforming attitudes,
mindsets, beliefs and behaviours. They have worked in more than 50 countries
delivering award-winning solutions for clients such as American Express,
Cisco, Dow, HP, Lloyds Banking Group, Maersk, Morgan Stanley and RBS. Their
task is to create measurable performance improvements and a 20:1 ROI is not

Transform People's work focuses on five areas that are critical to the
success of any organisation:

- Leadership

- Management

- Sales

- Collaboration

- Communication

For further information or mugshots, interviews with Transform People International, June May, or other associates, a summary of training offered to Associates, Programme set up costs etc.: Please contact Alison Evans at Transform People Ltd: Alison.Evans at Tel.: +44(0)1488-658686, fax: +44(0)1488-658684. the hours 5.30pm to 8am, please contact Ian Mills on +44(0)7979-521531.

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