NeuQs - Free Help Desk Software Boosts IT Support Operations

By Neustro Consulting Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, March 13, 2011

LEICESTER, England, March 14, 2011 - NeuQs Free help desk, ( the Silverlight web-based
help desk support system ensures a rich user experience with essential
functionality offering a complete package to the support industry. Available
to download at, the application is free to download and
install today.

NeuQs saves thousands of pounds as it offers industry level functionality
for little or no cost. NeuQs Free help desk is developed by Neustro who
provide IT and business system support to a number of international companies
and distils their knowledge and experience into a powerful software tool to
help IT support companies and internal IT departments provide focussed,
quality support to their users. NeuQs offers automatic call generation,
multiple mail server integration (including Microsoft Exchange), priority
based call listing, SLA based call timing and so much more.

Because NeuQs is built using trusted Microsoft technologies including the
latest .Net framework and Silverlight, it delivers the best overall user
experience ensuring increased functionality and customer satisfaction.
Technical Director Paul Franklin commented "Although the technology is
relatively new providing an interface that is the equivalent of client based
software the functionality is based on years of experience of providing
excellent customer service to our clients."

NeuQs is free of advertising and doesn't even require registration. In
time there will be value added packs to extend the functionality and the
option to buy support packages which may be appropriate for large
organisations. "The free download is good for at least 25,000 calls so any
business using NeuQs will be confident on the fit and suitability of the
software before making any financial commitment - in fact a lot of people
will genuinely get quality software without ever having to make a purchase,"
explained Paul.

"With NeuQs, we have attempted to ensure it stays future proof by
employing the latest tested technologies and built the solution on the
Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) infrastructure. Using the Managed Extensibility
Framework (MEF) to connect up the various components ensures that future
updates and modules can be developed with ease, based on customer and market
demands," explained Shabbir Ahsan (Lead Developer) confirming that NeuQs has
an exciting future.

For more information about NeuQs Free help desk, visit

About NeuQs: Neustro Consulting are the authors of NeuQs. Neustro is an
independent software company specialising in the optimisation of business
processes and systems in the IT, manufacturing, distribution and service

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