New Exhibition 'If the Invader Comes' Taps Into Current Zeitgeist of a Nation in Constant State of Alert

By Dan Dubowitz Fearghus O Conchuir And Commisions East, PRNE
Sunday, May 22, 2011

JAYWICK, England, May 23, 2011 -


'If The Invader Comes' is a new film installation by
photographer Dan Dubowitz and choreographer Fearghus Ó Conchúir that reflects
the powerful psychological impact of being in a state of constant vigilance.
Opening on June 11 at the Jaywick Martello Tower in Essex, the artwork
responds to the Martello Towers of England's East Coast and to the 'land's
end' psyche of their coastal communities but in doing so it connects to the
nation's ongoing state of alert against enemies both seen and unseen. Two
hundred years on, we may no longer be on the lookout for an enemy fleet but
we are still on high alert. Who or what is the threat we wait for? Could it
be with us already?

In the new work, a film installation of three screens centres
around the theme of vigilance and control. As the film develops, the psyche
of the tower emerges in the fragile embodiment of a solitary watcher and his
dance with literal and metaphorical shadows. The work depicts vigilance but
it also invites the viewer to identify with the watcher and to share his

Built as an early warning system and defence line against a
Napoleonic invasion, the towers never fired a shot in anger. The state of the
Martello towers of the east coast differ enormously, from sublime ruin at one
extreme to a tea room with lamas at the other. Dubowitz and Ó Conchúir have
focused on those derelict towers that are on the cusp of redevelopment. 'If
the Invader Comes' takes its title from a World War II poster found in the
Aviation Museum in the Martello Tower at St Osyth.

The film installation will be shown alongside their first
joint work, 'Tattered Outlaws of History', a 12 film artwork that
imaginatively reconnects the Martello Towers of north County Dublin. Bringing
both installations together in a single exhibition, the artists make
connections across the boundaries that the towers were designed to protect.

'If the Invader Comes' is commissioned by Commissions East as
part of Fleet: Art in the Haven Ports. 'Tattered Outlaws of History' is a Per
Cent for Art Commission for Fingal County Council.

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