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Thursday, November 18, 2010

LONDON, November 19, 2010 - Choosing to get married in the winter will be one of the biggest
decisions you make when planning your special day. And with so many inspiring
colours and themes to choose from, an autumn or winter wedding can be
beautiful and much more original than a summer wedding.

From icy snowflakes and evergreen foliage to autumnal colours and
luxurious fabrics, there's no end to the inspiration for a winter wedding.
But there's also many practical benefits to choosing a winter month to tie
the knot.

    - Because it's generally considered to be 'off season', having your
      wedding in the winter could cost considerably less - which is great
      if you're on a tight budget.

    - And with less demand for popular locations, your dream venue is more
      likely to be available. If you're lucky, you'll be able to book it up
      at a fraction of the cost.

    - Having your wedding in the winter should also mean that more of your
      friends and family can attend. With fewer holidays taken in the
      winter, you can be sure that your loved ones will all be able to
      share in your special day.

So, if these benefits have you intrigued and the thought of frosty winter
days brings out your romantic side, read on to discover how to plan the
perfect winter wedding.

The theme:

Take inspiration from the season and think about what you love about the
winter. Is it the sparkling snow, frost-covered countryside or the rich, warm
colours of autumn? Winter wonderland is a popular wedding theme, with icy
snowflakes the obvious choice for everything from decorations to the
invitations. Festive bows, baubles and stars also help to set the mood. You
could take your inspiration from nature and adorn your venue with evergreen
foliage, bright holly and romantic mistletoe. Or how about a warm, theatrical
theme with flickering candles and twinkling fairy lights?

The location:

There's less demand for venues in the winter, so you should have your
pick of the bunch for your big day. But make sure you consider your choice
carefully - what sounds great in the summer may not be so perfect in winter.
If you're getting married in a church, make sure they have adequate heating
for the ceremony and for the reception, try and choose a venue that
compliments your theme.

A stately home or candle-lit castle with roaring log fires makes a truly
atmospheric setting for a romantic winter wedding. If you're planning an
intimate wedding, a cosy lodge in the country could be a great choice. It's
also worth considering hiring a hotel for the wedding, reception, or both.
Many hotels do decorate for the festive season so it's worth enquiring what
they're planning as it could save you some money. You may even be able to tie
your theme in with theirs. Another benefit of having your wedding in a hotel
is that all your guests can stay for the night, often at a reduced off-peak
or group rate.

The details:

Choosing the outfits, flowers and transport for a winter wedding needs
just as much - if not more - thought as a summer one. But get it right and
the results can be amazing.

Delicate jackets, velvet wraps and fur capes can add a glamorous touch to
the wedding dress, as well as helping to keep the chill out! And don't think
you need to stick to traditional white either: winter is the ideal season to
experiment with rich reds, golds and purples, with icy embellishments and
opulent jewellery.

While you can pretty much get any flower in any season these days,
choosing festive foliage like holly, ivy and evergreens as well as pine cones
and glitter-covered branches will achieve a beautiful wintry effect. You can
then also use similar bouquets as table centre-pieces and decorations for
your reception.

Before choosing your transport, you need to decide where your wedding
will be held.

Then, it's worthwhile having a look at the weather for the last few years
to get an idea of what to expect. While no one can predict the weather,
there's no point booking a sleigh to get you to the reception if it never
snows where you're holding it! Unpredictable weather aside, winter does give
you a lot of romantic transport options to choose from. You could go for a
snow-queen style horse and carriage or, if snow can be guaranteed, how about
a husky-drawn sledge? If you're looking for something with a bit more
comfort, vintage cars are always a great choice and they can be decorated to
reflect your wedding colours and theme.

And for a final flourish, how about closing your celebrations with a
bang? Treat your guests to an exciting firework display - a great way to make
the most of the early evenings and ensure your winter wedding is one they
won't forget.

Whenever and however you decide to get married, John Lewis Wedding
Insurance (
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