Prizes Given for World Finance Legal Awards

By World Finance, PRNE
Thursday, January 6, 2011

LONDON, January 7, 2011 - After the greatest economic upheaval for almost a century, global
business is now showing signs of recovery and a return to strength. Through
the decline and return to prosperity, law firms have shown their significance
as providers of essential expertise and stability, often when the wider
corporate and fiscal world has been in a state of meltdown.

While many of the main stresses on the financial performance of law firms
were created back in Q208, the first period for over 15 years when the UK
economy failed to grow, the subsequent global recession compounded the

Corporate responsibility and sustainability became watchwords but were
obviously less important amongst mid-tier and smaller firms which concerned
themselves more with basic corporate responsibility issues such as employee
well-being. The perceived importance of corporate environmental, social, and
governance programmes has soared in recent years, because such programmes can
mitigate corporate crises and build reputations.

Though industry circumstances have remained challenging, the quality of
the legal service witnessed by the magazine's judging panel has been of the
highest calibre. As such the firms and individuals who make up this year's
award winners are those who have been judged as performing exceptionally in
their respective fields of law.

Over what has been a challenging time for all sectors, World Finance has
continually observed how great lawyers and legal teams have sat central to
the success of a wide range of global business endeavours. Through the 2011
Legal Awards, we acknowledge the outstanding work of these law firms and

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