Kornit Digital to Launch its New Kornit Avalanche 951 Printer at the ISS Long Beach 2011 Event

By Kornit Digital Ltd., PRNE
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ROSH-HA'AYIN, Israel, January 7, 2011 - Kornit Digital (www.kornit-digital.com/), a leading-edge
company that develops, manufactures and markets high-speed industrial and
commercial digital inkjet printers (www.kornit-digital.com/), superior
pigmented ink and unique chemistry solutions for the textile industry,
announced today the release of its new Kornit Avalanche 951 industrial
Direct-To-Garment printer at ISS Long Beach 2011.

The Kornit Avalanche 951 is a dual-pallet industrial digital
inkjet printer for mass production of light and dark garments. With an
extremely innovative and robust industrial platform, designed for printing
vast quantities in a high-level production environment, the Kornit Avalanche
951 is capable of printing at an impressive rate which ultimately reduces
costs by shorter turnaround times and production schedules. As a part of its
dual-bridge platform technology, specifically designed for industrial
production of extremely large quantities, the Kornit Avalanche 951 includes
12 print heads (8 CMYK + 4 White) and demonstrates an unparalleled ability to
generate four-color process prints at lightning speed.

Kornit continues to explore how to improve its solutions and make
them friendlier to the environment, adapting to the green environmental
policies. The Kornit Avalanche 951 uses Kornit's new V323 ink series, which
is the first digital textile ink that is formaldehyde-free.

The Kornit Avalanche 951 features the largest printing area in
the marketplace (up to 23.5" x 35") and is ideal for XXL garments and cut
pieces. Like other Kornit models, the Avalanche 951 includes Kornit's PreT,
an integrated automatic, pre-treatment system. The PreT system eliminates the
need for a secondary operation or outsourcing, and allows capital savings on
equipment, labor, space & other operational utilities.

"We at Kornit are committed to constantly seeking to improve our
products and to adapt to the growing demands of the textile printing market.
With the Kornit Avalanche 951, Kornit Digital exclusively meets a growing
market need for fast turnaround, high profitability and low printing costs,"
says Sarel Ashkenazi, VP Marketing & Business Development at Kornit Digital.
"We can now assist finished garment decorators to achieve their goals by
enabling faster, more profitable productions using the Kornit Avalanche 951."

About Kornit Digital

Kornit Digital is a dynamic, leading edge company that develops,
manufactures and markets state-of-the-art solutions for the textile industry.
Founded in 2003, Kornit Digital is a privately held and venture-backed
company with offices in the United States, Asia, Europe and Israel, that
operates a wide marketing and support network around the world. With a
globally installed base, Kornit Digital is dedicated to providing its
customers with cutting-edge solutions that assure high-quality, innovative
and profitable results.


    Orit Sharon
    Marketing Communications Manager
    Kornit Digital
    P: +972-3-9085800
    Email: orits@kornit.co.il

Orit Sharon, Marketing Communications Manager, Kornit Digital, P: +972-3-9085800, Email: orits at kornit.co.il

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