Sensor Network from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Delivers High-Speed Noise Monitoring System at the Nürburgring Motorsport Complex

By Identec Solutions, PRNE
Tuesday, July 5, 2011

LUSTENAU, Austria, July 6, 2011 -


Traditional German racing circuit uses IDENTEC
SensorSMART Platform to monitor the noise
level of race cars.

IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, the global-leader in wireless sensor systems
in collaboration with Berlin GmbH Engineers Bureau BeSB, have
deployed a noise measuring and identification system for use on
high-speed race tracks. Leveraged off of IDENTEC SOLUTIONS’
SensorSMART Platform, the system effectively measures noise
emissions from race cars in real-time. Deployed at Nürburgring
Motor Sport Complex, the system is used to identify vehicles that
exceed the permissible noise limits to enable immediate and
appropriate action.

As the world’s first and only eco-certified race track, the
Nürburgring Motorsport Complex in Nürburg, Germany, was faced with
a growing number of race events and needed to establish a special
measurement method for the monitoring of noise emissions from track
vehicles. To achieve this BeSB selected IDENTEC SOLUTIONS
SensorSMART Platform, an ecosystem of active RFID tags, sensors,
readers and edgeware for the application’s network.

“With the high-speed solution from IDENTEC SOLUTIONS we were
able to fully automate stations to collect and map the level of
sound intensity”, said Edelbert Shaffert, Managing Director BeSB.
“This was realized with simple to deploy infrastructure for a very
reliable solution”.

For further flexibility, the Nürburgring noise measurement
application was designed to be completely web based. “On the
complex’s internet server is a list of participants which is
constantly updated with the information provided from the RFID
sensors in the vehicles”, says Schaffert. “

Since early 2011 all Nürburgring Motorsport Complex vehicles are
equipped with an IDENTEC SOLUTIONS sensor.  The automated
detection of the noise level significantly reduced the
administrative burden and enabled real time control and situation

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