SIP/H.323 Video Conferencing on iPad 2 With Mirial ClearSea

By Mirial S.u.r.l., PRNE
Sunday, March 13, 2011

MILAN, March 14, 2011 - Mirial is glad to announce that Mirial ClearSea can be seamlessly used
also on iPad 2, taking full advantage of the new front facing camera with the
possibility of switching between cameras even during the video call.

ClearSea is the first professional video conferencing solution providing
a software client for iOS devices, enabling organization to connect any Pc,
Mac, Android or iOS device and any standards-based H.323/SIP equipment. It
allows to integrate traditional room based video communication systems or to
deploy a new HD desktop and mobile solution without the need to invest in
expensive infrastructure.

"We have been waiting for the addition of a front facing camera on the
iPad(TM)" said Cristoforo Mione, VP Marketing at Mirial. "Now that the iPad
is ready for true video conferencing, our software transforms it in a
standards-based video endpoint."

ClearSea for iOS devices, including iPad 2, is available today. For
further information and a free demo visit

About Mirial

Mirial is a pioneer in software-only personal video conferencing since
1999. The company portfolio includes a comprehensive set of products
enabling interactive audio/video services on IP networks and professional,
standards-based HD video conferencing. Mirial products and solutions are
available at the company's sales representatives and partners worldwide. For
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Mirial s.u.r.l. - Via Donatello 30 - 20131 Milan, Italy - P: +39(0)226627811 - F: +39(0)226627812

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