‘The Biomarkers Market Generated $14.18bn in 2010′ says visiongain

By Visiongain, PRNE
Monday, June 27, 2011

LONDON, June 28, 2011 -



London. UK. 28 June 2011. A new report by visiongain, a
London-based business information provider, predicts that the
global biomarkers market will be worth $19.86bn in 2015. The market
generated $14.18bn in 2010, according to Biomarkers:
Technological and Commercial Outlook 2011-2021,
published in
June 2011.

A biomarker can be defined as a factor that can be measured with
precision and that reflects a normal biological process or a
therapeutic response. Biomarkers have great utility in the
pharmaceutical industry as they can be used to deduce the
pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic relationships of therapies as well
as help in the determination of drug efficacy. This market has
significant potential for growth because the utility of biomarkers
spans all therapeutic areas and their use directly affects our
ability to diagnose and monitor disease progression.

The report analyst says: “Accurate non-invasive methods for
monitoring and quantifying the concentrations of biomarkers are
vital for the early diagnosis of disease. At present, there is
significant research activity in the discovery of novel biomarkers
for a range of diseases. Over the course of the decade, the
emphasis will gradually shift from biomarker discovery to biomarker
validation. A key market driver will be patient stratification,
especially for therapeutic areas such as oncology, where the
disease is highly heterogeneous.”    

Visiongain’s research suggests that the world biomarkers market
will benefit from the manufacture of non-invasive methods for
imaging biomarkers. The fields of genomics and proteomics will lead
to new insights about disease mechanisms and facilitate the
discovery of biomarkers.    

Visiongain predicts that this market will grow steadily to 2021.
The future of the biomarkers market looks promising. As the field
of biomarker research matures, patient stratification will become
routine. This new report complements visiongain’s wide range of
analytical reports in healthcare and other industries.

Table of contents:

Executive Summary
1.1 Review of the World Biomarkers Market
1.2 Aims, Scope and Format of the Report
1.3 Research and Analysis Methods

2. Introduction to Biomarkers and Their Applications
2.1 Introduction
2.2 The Discovery and Validation of Novel Biomarkers
2.2.1 The Discovery of Novel Biomarkers
2.2.2 The Verification of Biomarkers
2.2.3 The Validation of Biomarkers
2.2.4 The Qualification of Biomarkers
2.3 The Importance of Biomarker Research
2.3.1 The Importance of Biomarkers for Patients
2.3.2 The Importance of Biomarkers in Pharmaceutical R&D
2.3.3 The Importance of Biomarkers for Regulatory Authorities
2.4 Applications of Biomarkers within the Global Healthcare
2.4.1 Overview
2.4.2 Predictive Biomarkers for Assessing Drug Efficacy
2.4.3 Predictive Biomarkers for Assessing Drug Safety
2.4.4 Biomarkers for Clinical Prognosis
2.5 Imaging Biomarkers
2.5.1 A Brief History of Imaging Biomarkers
2.5.2 Importance of Imaging Biomarkers in Clinical Trials
2.5.3 Challenges with Using Imaging Biomarkers in Clinical
2.5.4 Example of an Imaging Biomarker: Case of Parkinson’s
2.6 Genomic Biomarkers
2.6.1 Introduction
2.6.2 Genomic Biomarkers in Oncology
2.7 Companion Diagnostics
2.8 Personalised Medicine
2.9 The Impact of Biomarkers within the Pharmaceutical
2.9.1 Introduction
2.9.2 Pfizer
2.9.3 Johnson & Johnson
2.9.4 GlaxoSmithKline
2.9.5 Sanofi
2.9.6 Novartis
2.9.7 AstraZeneca
2.9.8 Roche
2.9.9 Abbott Laboratories
2.9.10 Eli Lilly
2.9.11 Bristol-Myers Squibb

3. Technological Platforms for Biomarker Discovery and Leading
Manufacturers, 2011
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Biomarker Discovery Technologies
3.2.1 Genomics Approaches to Biomarker Discovery
3.2.2 Proteomics Approaches to Biomarker Discovery
3.2.3 Metabolomics
3.2.4 Pharmacogenomics
3.2.5 Integrative Approaches
3.3 Leading Manufacturers of Biomarker Technologies
3.3.1 Affymetrix Affymetrix GeneChip miRNA 2.0 Array
3.3.2 Agilent Agilent’s HPLC-Chip/6210 TOF MS
3.3.3 Stemina Biomarker Discovery Stemina’s DevTOX Assay
3.3.4 Crown Bioscience
3.4 The Future of Biomarker Discoveries
3.4.1 Microarray Platforms Have Been Overshadowed by
Next-Generation Sequencing Technologies
3.4.2 Biomarker Discovery is Increasingly Happening Earlier in the
Drug Discovery Process
3.4.3 Biomarkers Will Facilitate Patient Stratification - But What
Does This Mean for the Blockbuster Model of Pharmaceutical

4. Overview of the World Biomarkers Market, 2011-2021
4.1 The World Biomarkers Market, 2011-2021
4.2 Oncology is a Rapidly Evolving Therapeutic Area for the
Application of Biomarkers
4.3 Few Pharmaceutical Companies Have Dedicated Diagnostics Units:
What Does This Mean for the Future of the Biomarkers Market?
4.4 The Current Model of Pharmaceutical R&D is Inefficient and
Potentially a Restraint in Accelerating the Discovery of Novel
Biomarkers and Drugs

5. Analysis of the World Biomarkers Market, 2011-2021
5.1 The World Biomarkers Market, 2010
5.2 The World Biomarkers Market, 2010-2015
5.3 The World Biomarkers Market, 2016-2021
5.4 Leading Therapeutic Areas within the World Biomarkers Market,
5.4.1 Overview
5.5 The Oncology Biomarkers Market, 2010-2021
5.5.1 The Oncology Biomarkers Market, 2010
5.5.2 The Oncology Biomarkers Market, 2010-2015
5.5.3 The Oncology Biomarkers Market, 2016-2021
5.6 Cardiovascular Biomarkers Market, 2010-2021
5.6.1 The Cardiovascular Biomarkers Market, 2010
5.6.2 The Cardiovascular Biomarkers Market, 2010-2015
5.6.3 The Cardiovascular Biomarkers Market, 2016-2021
5.7 Central Nervous System Biomarkers Market, 2010-2021
5.7.1 The Central Nervous System Biomarkers Market, 2010
5.7.2 The Central Nervous System Biomarkers Market, 2010-2015
5.7.3 The Central Nervous System Biomarkers Market, 2016-2021
5.8 Markets Driving Innovation in Biomarker Discovery,
5.8.1 Overview of Markets Driving Innovation in Biomarker
Discovery, 2010
5.8.2 Proteomics and Biomarker Discovery, 2010-2021 Proteomics Market, 2010-2015 Proteomics Market, 2016-2021
5.8.3 Genomic Sequencing and Biomarker Discovery, 2010-2021 Genomic Sequencing Market, 2010-2015 Genomic Sequencing Market, 2016-2021
5.8.4 Bioinformatics and Biomarker Discovery, 2010-2021 Bioinformatics Market, 2010-2015 Bioinformatics Market, 2016-2021

6. Leading National Markets for Biomarkers, 2011-2021
6.1 Leading National Markets for Biomarker Research, 2010
6.2 Forecasts for the Leading National Markets for Biomarker
Research, 2010-2021
6.2.1 The US Biomarkers Market, 2010-2021
6.2.2 The UK Biomarkers Market, 2010-2021
6.2.3 Other Leading European Markets for Biomarkers,
6.2.4 The Japanese Biomarkers Market, 2010-2021
6.2.5 The Chinese Biomarkers Market, 2010-2021
6.2.6 The Indian Biomarkers Market, 2010-2021

7. Analysis of Factors Influencing the World Biomarkers Market,
7.1 SWOT Analysis of the World Biomarkers Market
7.2 Drivers of the World Biomarkers Market
7.2.1 Biomarkers Have Great Usefulness in Drug Discovery
7.2.2 Biomarkers Facilitate Patient Stratification
7.2.3 Regulatory Agencies Recognise Biomarkers as Important for
Innovation in Drug Discovery
7.2.4 The Declining Cost of Human Genome Sequencing Will Facilitate
Discoveries in Biomarkers for Areas Such as Oncology
7.3 Restraints in the World Biomarkers Market
7.3.1 The Field of Diagnostics Has Traditionally Been an
Undervalued Area of Science When Compared with the Production of
Chemical Products
7.3.2 Advances in Biomarker Research Made Difficult by Publication
7.3.3 Types of Proteins Studied by Structural Biologists Have
Changed Relatively Little over the Past Decade
7.3.4 Lack of Clear Regulatory Guidelines on Companion
7.4 Outlook for the World Biomarkers Market
7.4.1 Data Storage and Handling Will Be Important Factors
Determining Future Growth in the Biomarkers Market
7.4.2 Public-Private Partnerships Will Increase the Efficiency of
Biomarker Discovery and Validation
7.4.3 Targeted Therapies Will Revolutionise the Current Model of
Pharmaceutical R&D

8. Research Interviews with Authorities on Biomarkers
8.1 Interview with Professor Philip Scheltens, Clinical Neurologist
and Director of the Alzheimer Center, Vrije Universiteit Medical
Center, Netherlands
8.1.1 The Underlying Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease and Available
8.1.2 Research at the Alzheimer Center of Vrije Universiteit
Medical Center
8.1.3 Biomarker Discovery and Translational Medicine
8.1.4 The Future of Alzheimer’s Research
8.2 Interview with Dr Jean-Pierre Wery, President, Crown
Bioscience, China
8.2.1 Contract Research Services Offered by Crown Bioscience
8.2.2 Technological Platforms and Animal Models Available for
8.2.3 Range of Therapeutic Areas Covered by Crown Bioscience
8.2.4 Translational Medicine and Patient Stratification
8.2.5 Outlook
8.3 Interview with Professor Herbie Newell, Professor of Cancer
Therapeutics, Northern Institute for Cancer Research, University of
Newcastle, UK
8.3.1 The Importance of Biomarkers for Cancer Therapy
8.3.2 Technological Platforms Used in the Discovery of Novel
8.3.3 The Challenges in Transferring Cancer Biomarker Discoveries
to the Clinic
8.3.4 Cancer Heterogeneity and Targeted Therapy
8.3.5 Reform in Pharmaceutical R&D and the Importance of
Public-Private Partnerships
8.3.6 Current Trends and the Future of Cancer Research

9. Outlook for the World Biomarkers Market, 2011-2021
9.1 Non-Invasive Biomarkers are Expected to Drive Growth in the
World Biomarkers Market
9.2 The Expected Healthcare Applications of Whole-Genome Sequencing
Will Drive Growth in the Approval and Use of Biomarkers
9.3 Data Storage and Handling are Increasingly Limiting Factors in
Genomics: Will this Affect Discoveries in Biomarker Research?
9.4 The US and UK Dominate the World Biomarkers Market
9.5 Promising Biomarker Products for Oncology, Cardiovascular and
Central Nervous System Disorders
9.5.1 Pentraxin-3 as a Biomarker for Lung Carcinoma: Example of a
Novel Oncology Biomarker
9.5.2 YKL-40 as a Biomarker for Ischaemic Heart Disease: Example of
a Novel Cardiovascular Biomarker
9.5.3 Biomarkers Derived from CSF: The Utility of Amyloid and Tau
Protein as Biomarkers for Alzheimer’s Disease

10. Conclusions
10.1 The World Biomarkers Market Will Achieve Sustained Growth from
10.2 Biomarker Discoveries in Oncology Will be Aided by
Technological Advances and the Insights from Cancer Genome
10.3 China and India Have the Potential to Become Leading Centres
of Genomic and Proteomic Analysis for Biomarker Discovery
10.4 Drug Developers and Manufacturers Need Expertise in Biomarker
Discovery and Use

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