Triton Gains Truckloads of Network Visibility and Control With Expand Networks

By Expand Networks, PRNE
Monday, June 6, 2011

ROSELAND, New Jersey, June 7, 2011 -

- Layer 7 QoS and Compression Techniques Maximise MPLS Environment at
Freight Specialist

Expand Networks, the leader in optimising WANs for
branch office consolidation and virtualisation, today announces that Triton
Express ( has successfully
increased visibility and control over its network traffic with Expand
Networks' Accelerators. Applying optimization techniques to support its
customers in receiving an efficient, dependable and cost-effective service at
all times, the freight specialist, Triton, now has a stable and more
efficient network environment.

Triton operates in an MPLS environment, where its sites in Durban and
Johannesburg serve business applications to 12 branches across the region.
The company relies on its WAN for running critical business processes such as
freight management, internal administration, waybill tracking, and customer
relationship management. Craig Comins, National IT Manager, and his team
wanted to prioritise this, while protecting other critical traffic such as
telnet data and voice, which cannot be interrupted. He explains,

"With our MPLS contract, we are provided with class of service, but not
true quality of service (QoS), which is common. We wanted to create our own
QoS to be able to fully control voice, video and data traffic and gain full
visibility into our network. Expand showed me how I, as a user, can control
all traffic on the network; marking packets into the MPLS last mile for
granular QoS and control. This is enabling us to have three different classes
of service, all now running at the cost of data class.

"We didn't, however, turn to Expand simply for compression and
acceleration to save bandwidth costs, but for visibility and control as well.
We wanted to be, and are now, safe in the knowledge that whatever we throw at
the network - it can handle it - and every data stream and application will
get delivered at the right time."

Recently, Triton decided to replace traditional cameras, used for depot
Freight analysis, at its Durban site with HD cameras. This requires a large
amount of bandwidth to deliver adequate amounts of frames per second of
movement. With the Expand Accelerators in place, Triton is able to prioritise
the traffic and maximise the available bandwidth to enable this.

Craig continues; "With Expand, I love the simple but granular real-time
graphs I get. I can see exactly how much I've used of what and when. We found
that we only use 25% of the link in the afternoon compared to 100% in the
morning; this is in line with administrative activity and when most of our
vehicles are going out. Therefore, it was clear that any analysis on camera
data we needed to do can be done in the afternoon. With 400k data available
on the link we have bandwidth to move more than one frame per second, which
is more than enough for our analysis purposes. This has been made possible
with Avigilon's High Definition Stream Management. For example, we can now
easily analyse whether specific items were loaded onto a truck."

The compression capabilities of Expand have delivered significant
increases in bandwidth to Triton. This, coupled with the layer 7 QoS and
visibility, is helping Craig and his team to manage peaks in demand and
protect its business critical applications from congestion, whilst byte level
caching techniques have reduced repetitive traffic flowing through the

"We are achieving over 30% compression consistently so I now have a fat
yellow band on my network graph, as opposed to a precariously thin one. RDP
sessions have also significantly improved. Since Expand has been in place, we
have not received one complaint about network performance from the users
(that we have not been able to solve through QoS on Expand) - I know that if
Expand was taken off the network, they would tell us about it! Expand has
become an essential technology across all Triton's sites. As a growing
organisation, Expand's optimization technology has become an integral part of
the process for any new office or branch set-up."

For further information contact: Andrew Parker/Jennifer Manning, Cohesive Communications, +44(0)1291-626200, expand at

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